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Review: Enjoy Life Mountain Mambo Nut Free Trail Mix

When I was still having a problem chewing and swallowing food the other day, I got into this trail mix that I received in my care package. It is called Mountain Mambo Nut Free Trail Mix and is made by Enjoy Life Foods. I had mixed some cereals together and tossed in a couple of […]

Review: Andean Dreams Chocolate Chip Cookies

It is not often that I eat pre-made, packaged cookies anymore. If you have purchased gluten-free packaged cookies you are aware of a couple of things: they aren’t cheap and often the ones you can make at home will taste better, for less money. Now, that isn’t saying there aren’t some decent, even tasty pre-made […]

Review: Ener-G Wylde Pretzels

“These pretzels are making me thirsty!” Remember that Seinfeld episode? One of my favs! Another wonderful gift from my care package! I loved pretzels before I had to go GF and miss them dearly. I was very excited to see that there were companies making GF pretzels, until I saw the price! OUCH! $7+ for […]

Review: PerkyO's Apple Cinnamon Cereal

Since I am still recovering you will see a lot more product reviews and a lot less cooking/baking from me for a short while. Part of this is because I am supposed to be taking it easy, the other part is because we received a very generous gluten-free care package from some friends and there […]

Review: Gillian's Apple Pie/Crisp

In our care package that we received last week, we got a real special treat: An Apple Pie/Crisp from Gillian’s Foods. What a perfect fall dessert and easy to prepare! Just pop into the oven for an hour and 20 minutes and it is done! The house smelled heavenly while it was baking. My Mom […]

Menu Plan ~ November 3, 2008

Still sore and taking it easy here, so nothing elaborate for us on the menu this week. I haven’t even done my grocery shopping yet for the week, so that has got to tell you something. We do have lots of meat in the freezer, so I may just need to make a quick stop […]

Gluten-Free Ice Cream Cone Review

The other day we were sent some gluten-free items in a care package, which was very much appreciated. In the package were some gluten-free ice cream cones. The cones are made by Barkat. I have never eaten anything made from this company, but they looked good. Let me start this out by saying that I […]

Day After Halloween Comfort Food

Not sure how much sense that all makes, because isn’t Halloween all about comfort food, at least in the form of candy?? Anyway, my Mom and Step Dad came up to stay with us this weekend to help out. I had some minor surgery on my neck (salivary gland) on Friday and was told by […]

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