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Product Review: JamFrakas Bar

I have been a fan of Lara Bars, made by Humm Foods, for quite a while.  I was very excited to hear that Humm Foods had come out with a new product, JamFrakas Bars, a bar geared towards kids.  I know that I am technically not a kid, but I am in my head. 😉  […]

Menu Plan Monday ~ January 4, 2009

Here we are in the year 2009.  The first week of the year has proved to be a little rough for us.  Both Hannah and I had the stomach flu last week on New Year’s Eve.  Needless to say, there wasn’t much celebrating going on here.  Now, as I write this, Jon has the stomach […]

New Year's Day Food Traditions

Each year on New Year’s Day I eat pork & sauerkraut for good luck.  Well, to be honest, it isn’t only for luck, I happen to really like pork & sauerkraut and don’t get to eat it that often because I am the only person in my family who will touch it.    So, I […]

Review: Glutino Harvest Corn Loaf Bread

I have heard good things about this bread, so when I was at my local health food store a few weeks back, I decided to give it a try.  It wasn’t cheap by any means ~ $5.89/loaf.  I was out of bread at home and thought now was a good time. 

I […]

Gluten-Free For Me ~ A Gift From Grandma

This year for Christmas, Grandma Linda sent Jon some gluten-free goodies from Gluten-Free For Me.  This bakery sent a wonderful Holiday assortment of goodies for a very, very decent price. 

Here is a picture of Jon with all of his goodies:

The cookies were all so soft, tasty and not crumbly in […]

Happy New Year! Time For Those Pesky Resolutions Again!

In years past I have never been big on resolutions.  Why would I resolve to do something, then not follow through, only to end up feeling disappointed in myself?  Well, because it doesn’t have to be that way, that is why.  Instead of making a broad resolution, such as “I am going to get in […]

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