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Salad #2 ~ Day 1

Had another excellent salad along side my filet mignon, sweet potato & sauteed snow peas for dinner.  To create this salad I tried to think of things that “I” normally wouldn’t eat on a salad and then added it to the salad.  Normally I like my fruit separate from the rest of my food.  I […]

Gluten-Free Salad Challenge ~ Day 1

Salad for lunch!  YUM!  Here is my yummy creation that I made for lunch today.  I used leftovers from dinner last night. 

~ 2-3 cups mixed greens (spinach, arugula & romaine)

~1 Roma tomato

~ 1/4 large cucumber

~ 1/4 cup white corn

~ 1/4 cup black beans

~ 1/4 cup ground turkey taco […]

Gluten-Free Salad Challenge

After reading about this salad challenge and realizing that I had missed the sign up date, I decided to make up my own, gluten-free salad challenge!  I love salads and eat them almost daily.  I do get in a rut, though, and this is just the thing to pull me out of that rut!    […]

Off Topic, but Fun

This post is going to have nothing to do with gluten or Celiac disease.  This post is written so that I can hopefully win a $50 gift certificate to Children’s Place to help with Hannah’s summer wardrobe.  The contest is being set up by The Children’s Place and Twitter Moms.   

Hannah loves The Children’s […]

Lemon Bundt Cake with Lemon Icing

I went back & forth all week long about what dessert to make for Easter dinner.  I originally was going to make a Snickerdoodle Cake, but I think I am saving that for this upcoming weekend (Jon’s 13th birthday).  So, I tossed around several ideas….Lemon Bars, Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie, Spice Cake, Vanilla Cake or […]

Here we go…..

Another Barney Butter give away!!!  Oh, how I love my Barney Butter!  Melon Cauliflower is hosting this give away.  She is another huge BB fan and even had a run-in with airport security trying to get some home with her!  Poor thing!  I don’t blame you on wanting to avoid the shipping cost, though.  Ouch!  […]

Happy Easter & A Weekly Menu Plan

Happy Easter to those that celebrate.  We are going to be having Aaron’s parents over for a mid-day Easter dinner today.  I am going to be preparing the meal.  I will be making Herb Roasted Pork Tenderloin (or Perfect Pork Tenderloin as I called it in this post).  I will be serving baked sweet potatoes […]

Banana Bread French Toast

Yesterday I made some banana bread  to use up some bananas that were very ripe.  There seems to be some kind of banana strike going on in my house.  LOL!.  The only difference, or change I made, in the recipe that I made yesterday was that I omitted the nuts (Jon can’t eat them with […]

Butterscotch Brownies ~ Gluten-Free

I set out making these brownies today because I was in the mood to try a new treat.  I can’t remember the last time that I had a “Blondie” or butterscotch brownie.  I found a recipe in my Betty Crocker cook book and modified it to be gluten-free.  It turned out really, really good.  Not […]

Review: Food Should Taste Good Chips

I have been seeing these Food Should Taste Good chips all over blog land and after seeing the sweet potato and chocolate flavors, I knew I had to try them.  I had been on the look out for the chips and finally found them at Whole Foods right before Spring Break.  They were on sale, […]

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