AHA! Found them, finally!

I have been on the hunt for the new Gluten-Free Chex flavors since I heard about General Mills converting a bunch of the flavors (Strawberry, Rice, Corn, Honey Nut & Cinnamon) over to Gluten-Free.  I have been eating the Rice Chex for a while and don’t have an issue finding it GF at all.  Within […]

Product Review: Trader Joe's Rye-less Rye

I have run across Trader Joe’s Rye-Less Rye more times than I can count at Trader Joe’s.  This is because I buy the Trader Joe’s French Rolls on a regular basis.  I had always been scared (LOL) to buy the Rye-less Rye, but took the plunge a week or so ago.  It was $3.49/loaf and […]

Menu Plan ~ April 5, 2009

Well, here we are in April!  Well, at least some of us are.  Mother Nature seems to be lagging behind a bit.  Or nodding off.  We have days of sun & warmth and then days of freezing cold, like what they are predicting for tomorrow.  Not only will it be cold, but it is supposed […]

Product Review: Trader Joe's Popped Potato Chips

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Have you ever tried a brand new product and almost immediately wondered why you thought that it would be good?  Well, that is how I felt upon trying my first bite of these chips.  However, they really, really grew on me and I can honestly say that I […]

Product Review: Kerrygold Cheese

About a month ago I received some coupons from Kerrygold to sample & review their cheeses and/or butters.  I have used one of the coupons and am saving the other for when I hopefully find the butter somewhere in a local store.  I purchased the Blarney Castle and the Aged Cheddar cheeses.  They are both […]

Product Review: Justin's Almond Butter & Peanut Butter Packets

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I discovered these cute little packets of Almond Butter & Peanut Butter at my Raisin Rack the other day. I have been craving Almond Butter ever since I ran out of my Barney Butter a month or so ago. They don’t carry that locally anywhere […]

Cheesy Stuffed Shells ~ Yummy Goodness!

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A few weeks back I was shopping at my local health food store, Raisin Rack, and happened upon Tinkyada’s Large Pasta Shells for making stuffed shells.  I love stuffed shells and haven’t had any since going gluten-free and figured Jon (and the rest of the family) would like them […]

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