Menu Plan ~ May 31, 2009

Yes, we are on vacation, but I still menu plan.  It is in my blood!  I do it a little differently though, at least I am this week.  I am only planning out 2-3 days at a time, then going to the store for the items a few times during the week.  I do this […]

Beach Bumming

We are currently on vacation at the beach for 2 weeks! This is one of my favorite times of the year. Getting here is a little stressful, preparing all the stuff we bring along and food that I make sure that Jon & I have with us so that we don’t go without. I bake […]

Nut Butter Freak

That would be me. A freak. I can’t get enough of my nut butters. I really haven’t met one that I haven’t liked…yet. My favorite is Barney Butter, as I have said before. But, then you have peanut butters & the flavored peanut butters. My favorite plain peanut butter is Skippy Natural….creamy & super spreadable. […]

Memorial Day ~ Thank you

Thank you to every man and woman who has ever served this country, in peace time and in war.  Also, thank you to your families for the sacrifice. 

A picture of a “Field of Flags” that I saw the other day in Westerville, Ohio. 


LiveJournal Tags: Memorial Day […]

Review: Cinnamon Chex

I am now officially only 1 Chex cereal away from trying all of the gluten-free ones out there now. I have a great friend, Lisa, to thank for the Cinnamon Chex. She & I did an exchange. We were both having issues finding certain flavors, so I sent her a box of Strawberry Chex and […]

Menu Plan ~ May 24, 2009

Summer has arrived!  WOOHOO!!!  The heat is on…the heat is onnnnnnnnn!  Okay, no more of that.  I broke down & bought a death slide Slip & Slide yesterday for Hannah.  Darn Wal-Mart & their $5 deals.  I am sure that says something about how long this “toy” will last.  I was a little reassured that […]

Product Review: Dagoba Seeds Bar

I had the pleasure of winning a free chocolate bar from Dagoba a week or so ago.  They send me the Dagoba Seeds Bar.  I was very excited to try & savor this bar.  The list of ingredients:

Ingredients – Organic dark chocolate* (OG cacao beans, OG evaporated cane juice, OG cacao butter, OG soy […]

Product Review: Enjoy Life Granola

I received 3 different varieties of Enjoy Life Granola to sample & review a week or so ago.  The flavors are Cinnamon Crunch, Cranapple Crunch & Very Berry Crunch.  I had tried these granolas a while back and they were good, however, they are now “new & improved”! 


I have only had […]

Product Review: Smartfood Popcorn Clusters

I happened upon a sale on these Popcorn Clusters the other day and picked some up.  There are 3 different flavors, however, only the Cranberry Almond is gluten-free.  The label states that each serving (or pack) contains 5 grams of fiber & 20% of the RDA of calcium!  This is a bonus when you can’t […]

Menu Plan ~ May 17, 2009

Can’t believe that it is almost June! That means that school is almost over & I will soon have an 8th grader & a 2nd grader! Where does the time go? We are getting ready to go on our beach vacation for 2 weeks in June, so I need to use up what we have […]

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