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Butternut Squash Fries

I love squash.  I love all kinds of squash.  Butternut is one of my recent favorites.  I had been roasting it in some EVOO, salt & pepper, until I saw on various food blogs…..butternut squash fries!!  Holy YUM!!  Why didn’t I think of that?  I make sweet potato fries all the time, why not butternut […]

Every Day A Holiday

I have written about Holiday Baking Company 2 separate times, here and here. Well, I went to the library yesterday and since HBC is right down the street, I stopped in. I had heard through the grapevine that there were going to be selling Take & Bake Pizza and I wanted in on that! Lisa, […]

Pamela's + Flax

I have said many times on this blog that I swear by Pamela’s gluten-free bread.  I can order it on Amazon, through the subscribe & save program; I can mindlessly put all the ingredients together in my Zojirushi bread maker & walk away.  It doesn’t get much easier than that.  A couple months back I […]

Raspberry + Coconut = YUM

Last week I reviewed the Gluten-Free Every Day Cookbook by Robert Landolphi.  I listed some recipes that I was super excited to try out and I have found a keeper, folks.  Raspberry Coconut Bars.  I made these bars on Sunday afternoon. 

The directions are well written and the method is very easy.  […]

Menu Plan ~ July 12, 2009

Baseball is officially over. We only have swimming & ice skating now. Seems like a breeze to me! LOL! This week I only have Regan (my little sister that I watch; she is 7)…Emma (the 2 year old I watch) is on vacation. I promised Jon, Hannah & Regan that we would do some “big” […]

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Before I went to bed last night, Jon asked if I could make pancakes for breakfast.  I told him that I would think about it.  I decided when I woke up to go ahead & make them, as it had been a while since we had them.  I used Pamela’s Baking & Pancake Mix, which […]

A Different Take on Mexican Pizzas

I like to change up my food so I don’t get bored.  My kids don’t appreciate that so much, neither does Aaron.  What I have been doing lately is when I make them a “traditional” dish, I will often make small changes to my meal to create some variety.  I have also been eating a […]

New Toy

As I mentioned in this post, I am training for a half marathon in October.  I usually run at the gym on the treadmill, but I occasionally run outside and now that my long runs are getting longer, not only do I need fuel to keep me going, but I need something to track my […]

Product Review: Trader Joe's Crunchy Curls

Yes, I am reviewing yet another Trader Joe’s product.  What can I say?  I probably should own part of TJ’s by now, wouldn’t you think?  LOL!  I first spotted the Crunchy Curls when I was at TJ’s about a month ago.  They are a curly snack made from lentils & potatoes!  How about that?! 


Product Review: Trader Joe's Polenta Provencale

I love Trader Joe’s.  Really, I find something new to try there every time I go.  I love that their labeling is so clear.  I love that they have a list of their gluten-free items.  I love their prices.  I love their 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy.  The 2 times that I have had an issue […]

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