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Review: Cameron's American Bistro

What an exquisite dinner.  I don’t think that I have had a better dinner in a long time, and great company too!  I met up with a good friend that I haven’t seen in a while for a nice girls’ dinner out.  We chose Cameron’s American Bistro for a couple of reasons.  I have eaten […]

Gluten-free Talk

Over the past few months I have had lots of ideas, thoughts & comments swirling around in my head about gluten-free food & companies. I think back to where the gluten-free food market was when I first went gluten-free in January 2006 and cringe. There are so many more options now and those options are […]

A Giveaway that I have to Share!

Kristin over at Iowa Girl Eats is having a massive Pure Bar giveaway!  I love, love, love Pure Bars, but can only find the Chocolate & Cherry Cashew around here.  I am dying to try the Wild Blueberry, Choc Chip Trail Mix, among others.  So, I am writing this post in hopes that I will […]

Weekly Menu Plan ~ August 2, 2009

It is August!!! Holy moley, time flies!! This week I am hosting the Gluten-free Menu Swap! I chose cherries as my featured ingredient. I adore cherries and have been eating them like crazy this summer. You can find great info on cherries on Wikipedia. I have used cherries in many different ways this year. I […]

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