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    Gluten-free & Sick

    I don’t know what we got hit with in this house, but if it wasn’t the H1N1 flu, I have no desire to see what it is like.  We have gone through more medication in this house in the past week, it isn’t even funny.  On Monday I started to keep a log of all [...]

    Gluten-free Boy Bakes a Cake

    Jon has really taken to baking & cooking over the past year.  Last week when I was not feeling well, he asked if he could bake a cake.  Of course I told him to go ahead.  He used Betty Crocker’s Devils Food Cake Mix and followed all of the instructions.  Once the cake was baked [...]

    And We Have a Winner!

    Sorry for the delay in choosing a winner for this contest.  Both kids are home sick today and were yesterday, too!  Tis the season!

    The winner is:

    Doreen, on October 18th, 2009 at 10:05 pm Said:

    The Pumpkin Ginger bars would be yummy!

    Doreen – please contact me with your mailing information as soon as [...]

    Half Marathon Recap

    I unfortunately came down with a cold/cough on Friday night.  I was bound & determined to run.  I was healthy for the past 8 months – what kind of cruel joke is this to get sick the few days before??  I made a deal with myself that as long as I was fever free and [...]

    Weekly Menu Plan – October 18, 2009

    Hi guys! Tis the beginning of a new week. The kids are both sick :( Not sure what they have yet, but Hannah is seeing the dr today to rule out a kidney infection. While she is there, the dr will test her for H1N1. If she has it, then Jon does too. Does the [...]

    New Febreeze Winner & Another Giveaway

    First things first. The winner of the Febreeze/My Blog Spark giveaway never responded, so, onto a new winner! And, the new winner is:

    VeggieGirl, on October 5th, 2009 at 8:20 am Said: Edit Comment

    I would use it to make my home smell like tantalizing fruit scents

    Please contact me at so I [...]

    Gluten-free Candy Update

    I was looking around the net for gluten-free candy info this morning and while there hasn’t been any update to the Silly Yaks list, I did find another list that may be helpful.  You can find that list here. 

    I hope this is helpful and I will post updates as I get them.  Another [...]

    Last Call – Febreeze Winner

    I still haven’t heard from the winner of the Febreeze/My Blog Spark contest.  Will the following person please email me?


    Robertville, on October 6th, 2009 at 10:06 pm Said:

    I would use it to spruce up my bedroom

    Please contact me at with your email & mailing address so I can get your [...]

    Weekly Menu Plan – October 12, 2009

    This past week has been one of the longest weeks.  It seems like the week got progressively worse as it went on.  As I shared on Saturday, baby Wyatt lost his 44 day battle.  Then, on Sunday, I received news that a friend lost her battle with breast cancer.  She was only 40 years old.  [...]

    MIA & Febreeze Winner

    I apologize for not posting this sooner and being MIA.  Back in August, I shared the new of the premature birth of my nephews, Wyatt & Jack.  Yesterday, after 44 courageous days, Wyatt lost his battle.  From my sister, posted on Wyatt & Jack’s Caring Bridge site:

    Thank you everyone for your support and prayers [...]