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Birthday Shout Outs & Such

Seems there are a few other January Capricorns running around out there. Not only is my birthday on Saturday, but so is my Mom’s and Erin’s of Gluten-free Fitness! Happy birthday Erin & Mom! I hope you both have great days! My Mom will be coming to town in a few weeks so we can […]

Product Review: Susta Natural Sweetener

Back in December I was contacted by NXT Nutritionals about a healthy alternative to table sugar & artificial sweeteners.  Carlee sent me out a complimentary sample of Susta to sample & review for the blog.  Susta comes packaged in a box of 50 little packets, much like sugar or Splenda packets. 

From the NXT […]

Glowing Review: Glow Gluten-free Cookies

I was the very lucky recipient of a package containing 4 complimentary boxes of gluten-free cookies from Glow Gluten-free the other day.  First I have to say that Jill from Glow Gluten-free is so sweet.  She is great to follow on Twitter and we have had some good laughs over the past few days.  Some […]

Hello world!

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Weekly Menu Plan – January 4, 2010

BRRRR!!!  I am freezing!  I can’t tell you how much I hate being cold.  I currently have on 2 shirts & a fleece, jeans and wool socks.  My toes get numb, specifically my freakishly long 2nd toe on each foot.  Then, once those are numb, the rest of my toes must feel bad for the […]

Marathon Training & Such

So my marathon training starts on Monday.  The funny thing about the plan that I am following (Hal Higdon’s Novice, slightly modified) is that it has me running less mileage per week for the first 4-5 weeks than I am already running.  I have been trying to maintain roughly 25 mpw since I recovered from […]

Favorite Gluten-free Recipes & Products – 2009

I have spent the last few days looking back over the year.  I wanted to put into one post my favorite gluten-free recipes & products of the year.  I hope that you guys enjoy this as much as I did putting it together. 

I love to experiment with food, if you haven’t noticed.  I […]

Happy New Year – Welcome to 2010!

I hope you all have a wonderful & prosperous year.  I found this blurb from Mother Theresa as I was cleaning out my email today and thought I would share it with you guys:


People are unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered. Love them anyway.If you do good, people may accuse you of selfish motives. Do […]

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