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Teeccino Herbal Tea Gluten-Free?

I first heard of Teeccino Tea a couple years back when a friend recommended I drink it instead of my caffeinated coffee. I went to the website to check it out and found that it contains barley. Umm….last time I checked barley contains gluten and you can’t pay me to eat or drink gluten. If […]

Weekly Menu Plan – June 28, 2010

I can’t believe that June is over and that Christmas is less than 6 months away!! Where did this year go? It seems like I blinked and it was gone.

I was so excited to see that baby back ribs were on sale this week! They were $2.49/lb, that is down from $4.49/lb. Of course […]


I went to the gym this morning and as I was swimming, I had a lot of time alone with my thoughts. I am so used to listening to music while I run, bike or elliptical, that I don’t have a chance to really think. Yes, I can think while doing those other things, but […]

Bakery on Main is Back in Business

I found out through Celiac Handbook that Bakery on Main had a fire and was out of production for a short time. I love their Granola & Granola Bars, so I am glad to hear that all is well now. What I loved most about the information from Celiac Handbook was this youtube video that […]

Living a Healthy Gluten-Free Life

My friend, Erin Elberson, has just released a brand spanking new ebook that I am so excited about! I wish this book would have been around during those first months of my starting the gluten-free diet. Erin has taken her research & compiled it into one neatly packaged ebook for easy reading. The ebook is […]

Bisquick – Gluten-Free

I was browsing around the Live Gluten Freely page the other day and saw some promising progress on the Gluten-Free Bisquick front. There is now a page up with more details about the product and many recipes.

When I was growing up my mom used to use Bisquick for a number of recipes. The […]

Product Review: Nature Valley Roasted Nut Crunch Bars

Last week I wrote about General Mills adding a couple more products to their growing gluten-free list. Since then I have been able to sample the bars. There are 2 different varieties of the nut crunch bars – peanut and almond. The bars are made up of a variety of nuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds […]

Do You Eat Your Fruits & Veggies?

Sometimes getting in enough servings of fruits & vegetables daily can be tough, especially for kids. I have tried to consistently offer fruit or vegetables or both at each meal throughout the day so that my kids are aware that they are part of a healthy diet and aren’t going away anytime soon. While my […]

True Blogger Confessions Part 2

Last time I wrote True Blogger Confessions I wrote about hidden confessions. My hidden confession at the time was that I did not floss on a regular basis, but I was trying to get into the habit. I wrote that on April 24, 2010. Today is June 18, 2010 and I was doing so well […]

Well, well, well…..Starbucks to offer free Wi-Fi

Imagine my surprise when I read this article yesterday about Starbuck’s beginning to offer free Wi-Fi beginning July 1, 2010. I wrote an article in February expressing my disappointment in Starbuck’s charging for Wi-Fi. I have to say that this is a long time coming and a little behind the times in the market. Caribou […]

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