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Waffle Winners

Can you say that 10 times fast? Waffle winners, Waffle winners, Waffle winners, Waffle winners….okay….on with the program!

Here are your random comments/people:

Meg July 14th, 2010 at 2:03 pm I love the van’s mini waffles because I can dip them!

Grace July 14th, 2010 at 9:57 pm I love Van’s waffles I think the […]

Are You Ready for Some Waffles?

One of my tried & true trusty gluten-free products has been Van’s Gluten-Free Waffles. I have been eating them for most of the 4.5 years that I have been gluten-free. I have done through stages of how I like to eat them, including traditional, with syrup, as bread for a sandwich and spread with almond […]

Menu Plan – A Day Late

I have been BUSY this past weekend! Phew! My mom came to visit and we had a blast. She and I had a nice afternoon out that included pedicures, sushi and birthday shopping for Hannah! Later that same night we took the kids out to dinner. We had fully intended on going to BJ’s Brewhouse, […]

And the winner is……

The winner of the Hamburger Helper – Asian Helper meals are…..

Here are your random numbers:

5 and 2 Timestamp: 2010-07-12 13:02:53 UTC

Holly Varner July 8th, 2010 at 4:34 pm I was already a friend on Gluten-Free is life FB page:) Sorry but I cant do twitter I stopped my account:(


Stacy LaneJuly […]

Product Review & Giveaway: Gluten-Free Hamburger Helper

If you are a reader of my blog, you are well aware that I am not a big fan of processed foods. As I am learning more about food, due in part to my having to scour labels for gluten (and onions), I have found that my body feels better when I eat whole foods […]

Happy 4th of July & a Menu Plan

Happy 4th of July! How are you spending this holiday weekend? The weather here has been picture perfect – lower humidity, clear, blue skies and perfect summertime temps of about 80 -85 degrees. I kicked off the weekend with a 2000m swim at the pool yesterday morning, then I went to donate blood and then […]

A Slight Problem….

I have a slight problem….I eat a ton of fruit! Do you think it is possible to eat too much fruit? I looked it up on google and most of the information that I found said that if you are trying to lose weight, which I am not, then yes, you can eat too much […]

Product Review: Pamela’s Cornbread Mix

I have long been singing the praises of Pamela’s Products. The first product I tried made by Pamela’s was the bread mix. The bread mix is the one that I always have on hand and order in bulk from Not only does it make great bread, but really good bagels, too.

Last night […]

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