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Recipe: Chocolate Heath Crunch Cake

I have seen this cake called many different things.  Betty Crocker calls it “Better Than Almost Anything Cake” and has many similar recipes called “Better Than Sex Cake”.  I don’t care what you call it, the cake is awesome!  How can you go wrong with chocolate, caramel & Heath Bars?  Not only was this […]

Review & Giveaway: thinkThin Crunch Bars

I have always been a fan of thinkThin Bars for Jon.  Not only are they super portable, but they are gluten-free and do a great job of holding him over until he can get his next real meal.  Another bonus, they don’t get smashed in his hockey bag!  The protein bars are great sources of […]

364 Days Until Christmas

364 Days Until Christmas are the words that just came out of Jon’s mouth.  Seriously?  He was joking, as both he & Hannah had a very nice holiday.  We had all kinds of awesome gluten-free food, including a new cake that I made from a recipe that I found on Live Gluten Freely.  We found […]

Crunch Time and a Winner

As a friend just pointed out on Facebook – there are only 2399 minutes until Christmas! ACK! I have been very productive this week and even ended up making some Chocolate Chip Cookies for the kids. I found that it is much more fun to make cookies because I want to as opposed to feeling […]

Review: Ian’s Natural Foods Cookie Buttons & Wafer Bites

Ian’s Natural Foods has a wonderful variety of gluten-free (and allergen-free) products on the market. One of the hardest things about starting the gluten-free diet is being a kid and having to start the gluten-free diet. Kids are naturally picky eaters (or many of them are), so finding foods to replace the old standbys can […]

Permission & a Menu Plan

I am overwhelmed. Big surprise, huh? I haven’t wrapped a single Christmas gift and still have a few odds & ends to pick up. Hannah hasn’t seen Santa yet and it has been snowing the whole month of December and the poor child doesn’t have snow boots that fit. She does have some snazzy, sparkly […]

Katz Grand Raffle and a Giveaway

I was very excited to be contacted by Shmully of Katz Gluten Free a few weeks back to see if I was interested in sampling a couple of their new products. I almost jumped out of my chair! Of course I wanted to sample the Frosted Chocolate Cupcakes and the Vanilla Rugelach. In addition to […]

Shrimp Tacos & Such

The other night I was running around in circles. I had to unexpectedly take Jon back to the doctor (love The Little Clinic at Kroger), pick up Hannah’s friend, take them both to gymnastics, go get Jon’s prescription filled, grocery shop, pick Hannah and her friend up, take said friend home, come home and unload […]

Snowy Menu Plan

While we don’t seem to be getting as much snow as some places in the Midwest, we are getting enough. It began raining last night and wasn’t supposed to turn over to snow until noon today. Guess what, they were wrong. We noticed the change between 9:00 and 10:00 AM this morning. Now our backyard […]

Weird Combinations

Do you ever put certain foods together that other people would cringe at? I used to have all kind of interesting combos when I was a kid: my Grandmas meat loaf, mashed potatoes, gravy & peas all mixed up and chili and mashed potatoes topped with cheese are just a couple that stand out in […]

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