Birthday Menu Plan and Winners

Yesterday my birthday.  I am 29 + 8 years old.  My mom, Linda, was kind enough to share her birthday with me – Thank you!   I have always loved celebrating my birthday with one of my very favorite people.  Our busy schedules didn’t permit us to get together on our actual birthday, so we arranged […]

Review: Rhythm Chips

I have made my own kale chips in the past, but I haven’t tried any packaged kale chips.  When I received samples of Rhythm Chips, I was very curious!  I wondered how the chips would hold up or how they would taste.  Rhythm Superfoods has a great philosophy:

We create delicious, clean, nutritionally powerful products […]

Simpli Instant Apricot Oatmeal Giveaway

Gluten-free instant oatmeal is fairly new to the market.  Glutenfreeda has been making one for the last year or 2, which is the only other one I have tried.  It is so nice to have these on hand for traveling or busy mornings.   I was pleasantly surprised to hear that there was another – Simpli […]

Weekly Menu Plan–January 2, 2011

Normal.  That is what we are looking for here.  Yes, the holidays were great, but I am ready for some good, old-fashioned routines around here.  I don’t deal well with change.  My body is all screwed up sleep-wise and my typical routine should help correct that. 

I found out last week from my doctor’s […]

Happy New Year–1/1/11 & the Winners

Did you stay up to see the new year in?  I didn’t.  I gave it a good faith effort, but was sound asleep before 11:30.  Hannah and I did get in a few rounds of dancing on Just Dance 2.  What a fun game!  I am not really making any resolutions this year, but do […]

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