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Yesterday Hannah got her cast off. It was a day we had been anxiously looking forward to for 4 long weeks. I think we all may have gone into this day a little unprepared. Initially I assumed that Hannah would need physical therapy to help rehab her arm after the cast came off, but was […]

Wordless Wednesday

This showed up on my door step yesterday. Thought it would make a great “Wordless Wednesday” post.

Gluten-free Bread from Genius/Glutino

Walmart Box Tops for Education Giveaway

‘Tis the season for parents to start getting ready to send their kids back to school. It seems like once the 4th of July is over, stores put all of the summer stuff on clearance & bring out the school supplies. I am partnering with MyBlogSpark, Walmart & General Mills to bring you this […]

Weekly Menu Plan

Last week was stressful.  There was a lot of this:

Which required a lot of this:

I am a tad obsessed with Peet’s lately, especially the Espresso Forte – SO GOOD!! 

Needless to say, I wanted to rip my hair out by Wednesday.  All is repaired now, though I […]

Training & Such

Today starts a new commitment to my training plan.  Yes, technically I have been training for a half marathon again for the past month or so.  However, I seem to have fallen into a pattern of enjoying a little too many treats and glasses of wine, which leads to laziness on my part in the […]

Review: Top Shelf Mixers – Lemon Drop

A few weeks back I received some mixers from Top Shelf Mixers to review.  The Top Shelf Mixers come in seven different varieties, though I am only going to review one here today.  All of the varieties are gluten-free.  More about Top Shelf Mixers:

Top Shelf Mixers was founded by Paul T. Dunning in 2005 […]

Wordless Wednesday

You may be wondering why I am posting a “Wordless Wednesday” post on Thursday.  Perhaps you can guess by looking at the pictures below.

Yeah, had to replace the hard drive in my laptop.  IT girl, I am not.  I have never wanted to throw my computer out the window more […]

Pizza Night–Reinvented

It is no secret that Friday night is generally pizza night in our house.  We don’t typically order out, but sometimes we do.  When we make pizza at home, it is usually a MYOP (make your own pizza).  Either I’ll use individual frozen pizza crusts from Udi’s Gluten-free or Rudi’s Gluten-free or I will use […]

Better Late Menu Plan

The saying “Better late than never” is one I am using today in reference to my menu plan. While I have had this plan in my head for the past 2 days, my computer has had other ideas. Those ideas included this fun message:

Not good. I spent a good part of Monday trying […]

Twelve Years

On July 5, 2011 it was 12 years since I quit smoking. I can believe that I forgot until I was driving home from the grocery store today. I don’t know what made me think about it, but it popped into my head. A lot has changed in my life over that time, but I […]

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