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    Pumpkin Seeds & Pizza

    I didn’t eat the aforementioned together, but now that I think about it, roasted pumpkin seeds would be mighty tasty on pizza!  I’ll have to give that a try this week on pizza night & let you know how it goes.  In the meantime, here is my latest pizza love creation.

    There are [...]

    Sunday Funday

    Time to clean out the basement. Fun times. Anyone want to come help? I didn’t think so. I am currently procrastinating by slowly sipping my coffee & thinking about what I am going to have for breakfast. I figured why not add blogging to that list of things to do while I delay the [...]

    Miscellaneous Friday Treats

    No tricks here, only treats.  I thought I would share a few tidbits with you guys before the weekend.  Lots of little things floating around my head & computer that I want to share, but not enough to justify a post of their own. 

    Halloween is Monday, as is our trick or treat [...]

    Pamela’s Whenever Bars Giveaway

    Have you had a chance to try Pamela’s Whenever Bars yet? If not, you are really should soon. These bars make a great after school snack, pre-workout snack or even dessert! Check out my full review of the bars on

    There are 4 varieties of bars:

    Oat Blueberry Lemon Oat Cranberry Almond [...]

    Better Late Than Never, Right?

    Do you remember this post from late August?  You know, the one where I shared my organized chaos in my office/loft?  I admit that things got a bit off track in early September – Hannah had her appendix out & I became her nursemaid, then hockey started, yada, yada, yada. 

    Well, of all [...]


    I also wanted to share a photo that I saw on Facebook yesterday on a friend’s status.  Sara is an amazing woman and she couldn’t have posted this at a better time.  Since many of you echoed what I wrote about with my battle against the scale, I thought you may benefit from this, [...]

    Pumpkin Pie Breakfast

    No, I did not really eat pie for breakfast, though it did taste a bit reminiscent of pumpkin pie.  Check out my find from grocery shopping this week:

    Grocery shopping is a lot like treasure hunting, isn’t it? 

    Pumpkin spice Philadelphia cream cheese.  You know that once I checked the label & [...]

    Update on Me: The Battle with the Scale

    A couple of weeks back I asked Aaron to hide our scale.  I knew that it would only hurt me (mentally and possibly physically) to continue to weigh myself daily at that point in my training.  Now that my race is over (and I met my goal) I have been pondering whether or not [...]

    Review: Simply Potatoes

    Potatoes are my friend.  I love them in most forms.  When Foodbuzz & Simply Potatoes joined forces to send out coupons to review their potatoes & create recipes, I jumped all over it!  Breakfast for dinner is usually on our menu at least once per week and the hash browns would be the perfect [...]

    Review: Marzetti Simply Dressed

    We all know how much I like my salads.  My day is not complete unless I have a salad for lunch & dinner.  Seriously, I feel off without them.  It is a sure way to guarantee I get my veggies in, too!  I like to vary my salad dressings (and toppings) so that I [...]