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Recipe: Thanksgiving Leftover Turkey Sandwich

With the Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaching, I have been itching to find ways to eat the leftover turkey.  I know this may seem odd, as there is no leftover turkey yet, but I am anticipating leftovers, as we have never not had them.  I wanted to get creative this year and mix things up.  […]


First things first.  I was going to do a “Wordless Wednesday” post, but as you all know, it is close to impossible for me to post a picture without “talking”.  Instead I decided to write a post with a lot of little tidbits of information, starting with the winners of the Riceworks giveaway.  I […]

Race Recap: Buckeye Classic 10K

This past Sunday I ran a 10K race at Highbanks Metro Park. Highbanks is notorious for the hills, which some have deemed “the cliffs of insanity”. Some of the trail is paved, but most of the hills are dirt and gravel with fallen leaves scattered about. The Buckeye Classic 10K is a race I […]

Weekly Menu Plan–November 14, 2011

I promise it is November, though it certainly doesn’t feel like it.  Today the high is 70 and it is raining.  Yesterday was equally as mild, though super windy.  I’ll take warm & rain over cold & snowy/icy any day.  I am still feeling kind of icky due to sinus issues that I am […]

Holidays & How to Survive Part II

Now that we have discussed the social side of the holidays, it is time to discuss the behind-the-scenes part – food.  If you are visiting family or friends for the holidays, planning meals can be a little harder than if you were hosting the meal yourself. 

First order of business is to […]

Holidays & How to Survive Part I

The holidays are quickly sneaking up on us.  Thanksgiving is now only 13 days away.  I mostly know that because the new Muppet Movie – The Muppets – comes out on Thanksgiving, not because I am prepared for the holidays.  While the holidays are a great time to reunite and spend time with family […]

Riceworks Brown Rice Crisps Giveaway!

Recently I had a chance to sample & review the brown rice crisps made by Riceworks. You can read my full review here and I’ll recap below.

We sampled 5 different varieties of the crisps: Parmesan, sweet chili, tangy BBQ, sea salt & salsa fresca. While each crisp was unique, they were all […]

Kinnikinnick Streaming Cooking Class

Kinnikinnick is going to be streaming a live cooking class on their UStream channel & Facebook page. Stress Free Holiday Appetizers & Desserts will air at 6:00 PM MST on Tuesday, November 15, 2011. This is a great resource for those that have been newly diagnosed with Celiac Disease or for family members who […]

Tender Belly

Someone asked the other day on Facebook or Twitter, what I eat when my stomach is not 100%.  I definitely alter my diet, as my normal diet includes a lot of fruits & vegetables, and those don’t always sit well when my stomach is upset.  Sometimes a warm, flat Coca-Cola will settle things down, […]

Good Monday Morning!

A little late on the menu plan – better late than never.  Yesterday I felt like I was getting sick.  My throat was a bit scratchy & sore, my tummy was blah and I just wanted to go back to bed and no, I didn’t drink too much wine the night before.  Hannah has […]

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