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Gluten Free Works: Triumph Dining Deal

FOR A LIMITED TIME FROM! Reward Yourself with the #1 Selling Gluten-free Grocery Guide in America! Pay Only $14 For the Amazing Triumph Dining Essential Gluten-free Grocery Guide! Shipping Included! A $29 Value! The Triumph Dining Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide makes finding gluten-free foods easy and accessible. Once you have this handy and […]

Katz Introduces Chocolate Hamantaschan

Though I have never heard of, nor tried Chocolate Hamantaschan, it sure sounds good to me.  I received an email from Katz Gluten Free about a new product just in time for Purim 2012.  While I have heard the term “Purim” before, I didn’t know what it was, so I thought it was high-time […]

Weekly Menu Plan–February 26, 2012

Can you believe that February is almost over?  I can’t.  Hockey season has ended and we get a chance to breathe.  It will be nice to have our weekdays settle down just a bit for a while.  Hopefully this gives me more time to study, too. 

This week I spent close to $200 […]

NEDA Week–February 26, 2012–March 3, 2012

It is no secret that I have fought an eating disorder over the years. There are still days when I struggle with body image, but as a parent and an athlete, I am much better prepared to handle it. There will always be ups and downs, but as long as I am aware that […]

10 Things That Make Me a Better Runner

When I first started running I thought that all I had to do was put on my running shoes & put one foot in front of the other.  While that may work for the occasional or casual runner, that doesn’t work for the one (ahem, me) that thinks she can take on the world […]

Women & Heart Health

There was a startling piece on the morning shows & news yesterday. It talked about how younger women are less likely to have the telltale pain in their chest. Instead, some of the symptoms are more atypical and may mimic other conditions. This really caught my attention. I know the feeling of going to […]

Wordless Wednesday


Pumpkin Cupcakes

Technically since it is Fat Tuesday, I should be talking about pancakes, right? I did that today on my post over at, so make sure to pop on over to check it out. When I found a can of pumpkin looking lonely in my pantry, I knew that I had to do something […]

Much Needed

Thank goodness I got a good night’s sleep last night.  I was running very sleep deprived for the past several days and my body finally said “enough” at roughly 8:30 PM last night.  After waking up 2-3 hours early, for no reason, for the past 3 days, and not being able to go back […]

The Quest for Warm Toes

After solving my frozen & numb hands problem with new running mittens in December, I moved onto the quest for warm toes.  To be honest, I had put it off because of our unseasonably warm winter.  Thankfully when I ordered some Little Hotties hand warmers, I got some sample foot warmers.  Did you know […]

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