Product Review: Betty Crocker Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have been waiting for months to write out that title.  Today is finally the day!  Can I get an AMEN??  LOL!  I posted yesterday that I had finally found the GF Chocolate Chex & 3 of the 4 Betty Crocker Mixes at Kroger.  I had to make one of the mixes and the Chocolate Chip Cookies it was.  Jon wanted to help/watch.  See if they looked any different than the ones I make from scratch. 

Jon, ready for action (Please excuse the goofy look on his face.  Why he can’t smile is beyond me.  Oh, wait, I almost forgot, he is 13):



First things first, get all your ingredients out.  This mix is super simple.  You only need to add 1 egg and 1 tsp of vanilla.  It doesn’t get much easier then this.  I went ahead & told Jon not to get his expectations set too high.  He is in love with my homemade, from scratch, chocolate chip cookies and I didn’t want him to be disappointed with the cookies from the mix.  I didn’t think that the cookies would be bad, but just that they might not live up to the expectations of a 13 year old boy. 😉 

Box & powdered mix:



Into the bowl go the wet ingredients:


Dough mixed together:



On the tray, ready to bake:


Coming out of the oven….oh, boy, these smell amazing:



All plated up, ready to chow down:



Jon asked me to make him a “monster cookie”:


This thing was huge!  It was on the same size plate as those 2 “normal” size cookies above.  Jon treated this as his “pre-baseball game snack”, along with a glass of milk.  He made quick work of it:



Yes, he did indeed lick the plate.  That’s my boy!


Not only did Jon & I sample these cookies, but I fed them to 2, super-picky 6 & 7 year old non-gluten-free girls and they loved them!  was super impressed with the taste & texture.  They were freakily (is that a word?) close to my homemade, from scratch, chocolate chip cookies.  I also fed one to my Dad when he came to pick up my sister, he also loved it and couldn’t believe how good they were.  The last, but not least, taste tester was my BFF, Amanda.  She commented that she couldn’t tell they were GF at all and they tasted just like “normal” chocolate chip cookies!  Well done, Betty Crocker, well done.  🙂  I can only find one negative about this cookie mix and that is that the price is a little higher than I expected it to be at $4.49/box.  It is cheaper than a lot of other GF mixes on the market, though, so really, not too bad.  Also, Betty Crocker’s mixes are available on and if you sign up for the “Subscribe & Save” program, they end up being $3.33/box (only come in cases of 6) and your shipping is free.  The program is free to join and you choose the frequency and can change or  cancel at any time. 

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