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Did Someone Say Chocolate?

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that I love chocolate in any shape or form.  I can’t tell you the last time I turned something with chocolate away (unless it had gluten in it).  😉  The wonderful people over at Endangered Species Chocolate contacted me a couple weeks back to let me know that all of their chocolate is gluten-free!!!  How cool is that?  Not only that, but would I like to try some samples.  Ummm…….let me think about it.  HECK YEAH!!!  Yesterday when I got home from the craziness of the morning, I found a nice package on my doorstep.  Inside were 3-3oz chocolate bars (2 supreme dark 72% cocoa and 1 milk chocolate w/almonds) and 4-.35 oz chocolate treats (2 dark chocolate mint & 2 dark chocolate). 





Endangered Species Choc0late donates 10% of their profit to help support species, habitat & humanity.  You can read their story here.  Their mission is:

Empowering individuals to create solutions that sustain species, habitat & humanity.

My most favorite statement on their brochure?  Savor chocolate.  Save the planet.  Well said. 

I decided to spread the love with my chocolate.  Yes, chocolate is very good when you can have it all to yourself, but not only do you end up over-indulging then, but your friends might not appreciate watching you scarf down a whole bar and not sharing the love.  So, I broke out my dark chocolate & milk chocolate w/almond bars after dining with 2 of my BFFs the other night.  We all were in love at first taste!  Really, how can you go back to Hershey’s (sorry, Special Dark & Dove) you know I love you, but seriously, this stuff is like solid gold (I was going to say liquid gold, but that doesn’t really make a lot of sense if the chocolate isn’t melted, does it?  LOL!  Such intense flavors, thick bar, amazing aftertaste.  It helps that I had 2 other people try is so you all don’t accuse me of liking everything that I try.  Yes, I like food and chocolate, especially, but I pride myself on being honest.  I know how hard it is to find good, gluten-free foods.   

My son, Jon tried the Dark Chocolate & Mint, as I am not a fan of mint.  Yes, there is a chocolate that I don’t care for.  It is okay, don’t worry.  There is plenty of other chocolate to indulge in.  Jon ooohed & ahhhhed over this chocolate.  He seriously did not shut up the whole time it was in his mouth.  He did mention that there was an odd aftertaste.  I may have to try it now to see what he is referring to.  He may not be used to good chocolate!  LOL!!  He is your 3 Musketeers Mint Bar dude!  😉 

I love this product & will be making sure to keep supporting such a wonderful company.  Thank you for the samples & allowing me the chance to review your product!  :) 

I am editing to add that Endangered Species Chocolate is giving away a year’s worth of free chocolate!  Just complete their short survey here

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