A day of eats & product reviews

Today was an off day from running which usually means that I will eat more & be hungrier than on the days I run.  Weird, but I think it is my body recovering from the torture! LOL!  I had to have Jon at the orthodontist by 7:30, so I still had to get up early.  I was up by 4:55 and downstairs & eating by 6 AM. 

My breakfast today was a 3 egg white frittata with spinach & Roma tomatoes, decaf w/ vanilla Almond Breeze, brown rice cakes w/ Trader Joe’s Creamy Almond Butter with Sea Salt & Superfood Fruit Spread.  This was my first time trying this AB….OMG…I don’t know which I like better….the raw unsalted that I tried or this stuff.  They both rock!!  And, at $4.99/jar, they are the best deal in town (or on the internet)!

Like my mug? 


Frittata (not super pretty…had some egg cooperation issues today)


Rice cakes w/ AB & Fruit Spread


The star…


Guess who didn’t take a picture of her snack?  LOL!  That would be me!  I had a bowl of cereal (I mixed Brown Rice Crispies, Corn Chex & Honey Kix) and topped with a large spoonful of Fage Greek yogurt.  Love cereal & could eat it for every meal! 

Lunch was so good today.  I am in love with pears and these apple pears that I discovered last week.  I made a sandwich with turkey, provolone, spinach, basil, apple pear on Pamela’s bread & dipped in Grey Poupon.  YUM!!  I also had a spinach salad with grape tomatoes & Fat Free French (I normally don’t like the Fat Free, but Walmart didn’t carry the Light, so I tried this and love it!), Baked Lays, celery sticks & the rest of the apple pear.  The celery ended up back in the fridge….my eyes were bigger than my stomach.


Up close of the amazing sammie…


And one more, because you need to see it…


I am never too full for chocolate, so I had a small handful of dark chocolate covered blueberries & cranberries.


Around 4:30 or so I was hungry and knew dinner would be later because of Hannah’s skating class, so I grabbed a bowl of Daisy Cottage Cheese and some leftover grilled pineapple.  This was amazing together!


Went to skating and I don’t know about you, but I always have to have Tic tacs in my mouth in the car.  These are my Tic Tacs of choice right now:


Dinner was late & I was starving while cooking.  I hate that!  It leads to lots of nibbling…tonight it was on fresh cherries.  šŸ™‚  I decided on Artichoke burgers tonight.


If you have not tried these, you have to!  They rank right up there with Sunshine Burgers, and may be better!  They are not only gluten-free, but Vegan, too!

Large salad had to be made…I love my salads.  I just realized that I forgot my tomato on my salad….duh!


I had a small pour of this awesome Pinot Noir from Trader Joe’s


Dinner was an Artichoke burger on a Trader Joe’s French Roll topped with Swiss cheese, sriracha & raw spinach leaves.  On the side I had some thin-sliced pan-fried zucchini slices & grape tomatoes.


See the sriracha on the cheese?



Veggies close-up


Last, but not least, fresh blueberries & cherries w/ mini chocolate chips & a
tiny scoop of Turkey Hill Banana Split Ice Cream.


Was a great day!  Tomorrow is my baby girl’s 7th b-day!  I am starting the day off with an 8 mile run at 5 AM, so wish me luck! 

Fun stuff coming tomorrow…more product reviews & at least one giveaway tomorrow and one later this week and early next week!  Can’t wait!  Night!

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