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Raspberry Heaven

When I was out grocery shopping yesterday, I ran across a sale on raspberries.  A 6 oz. container was $.99!!  I bought 12 of them.  Yes, I said 12.  šŸ˜‰ 


I pondered what to do with all of these.  I love raspberries fresh.  I love them on cereal, yogurt, salad, ice cream, waffles, etc.  However, we all know they don’t last long once they have been picked.  I kept 2 containers out & froze the rest.  I considered jam/preserves for about 30 seconds.   I Googled the procedure and once I learned that I would have to buy all kinds of canning/jarring equipment, that idea was out the window.  LOL!! 

I Googled how to freeze the berries and it was super simple.  I figure now I can use them for baking, smoothies, ice cream, cereal, pancakes, etc.  I washed the berries first by dipping them in cold water in a colander. 


Then I spread them out over a few dishtowels to dry. 



Then I spread over a few cookie sheets in a single layer and placed in the freezer.  They need to stay like that for 24 hours and then they can be placed in a bag or Tupperware container. 

I just transferred the berries to their new homes, a Ziplock bag and snagged a few frozen ones to chomp on.  YUM!!  I could used these as ice cubes in seltzer, too!


I may even go back & buy more this week.  :)  As I always say, best thing about fresh fruit & veggies are that they are naturally gluten-free!


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