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The Incredible Shrinking Lara Bar

I have been noticing, as have others around the blogosphere, that the Lara Bars seem to have gotten smaller recently.  I haven’t figured out yet if the new flavors are just smaller or if maybe the size varies between flavors as well.   When I was shopping today at Raisin Rack, I ventured into the Lara Bar section to do a little field research.  The bars ranged in size by weight from 1.6oz to 1.8 oz.  The newer flavors definitely appeared smaller (shorter).  I bought 2 “old” flavors, Cherry Pie (1.7oz) and a Key Lime Pie (1.8oz).  The Cherry Pie is visibly smaller than the Key Lime Pie.  I don’t remember them being like this in the past. 

When I got home, I brought out my new PB & J Lara Bar (1.7oz) & took a picture of it next to a Coconut Chocolate Chew (1.8oz).  You can see in the pics that the CCC is visibly bigger than the PB & J.  CCC has been around for a while, while PB & J is one of the 3 new flavors. 


I don’t know, maybe I am obsessing too much over the whole thing!  LOL! 

What I do know is this:  the new flavors ROCK!  I love  the PB & J & Tropical Tart.  I still haven’t tried the German Chocolate Cake because I am obviously too busy analyzing the size of my Lara Bars.  😉 


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