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New Product Review: Nature's Path Cereals

Nature’s Path is introducing 2 new gluten-free cereals!  We all know how I feel about cereal, so I was so excited when 2 boxes showed up on my front door step to sample & review. 


I couldn’t decide which box to open first, so I opened them both!  The Crunchy Maple has an amazing maple flavor to it.  I love the different textures & crunch going on in this cereal.  It is great right out of the box or topped with Greek yogurt, fruit or almond milk. 

The Crunchy Vanilla is just as good as the Crunchy Maple.  The vanilla is a nice flavor, but not overpowering.  The crunch & texture rocks.  I love all the different shapes.  These cereals almost eliminate the need for me to mix my cereals together!  I don’t know how much I have talked about it, but I never eat a straight bowl of cereal.  I always mix together 2 or more cereals. 

The best thing about these 2 new cereals is the nutritional content.  3 grams of fiber per serving is good for a gluten-free cereal.  Also, each serving contains .15 grams of Omega 3 per serving, which is 11% of the RDV of 1.3 grams.

A++++ for the 2 new Nature’s Path cereals!  :) 



5 comments to New Product Review: Nature's Path Cereals

  • healthnuttxo

    omgoodness- this is the cereal i have been looking for to eat with my yogurt! what store did you find these miracles in!?!

    • Kimberly

      Nature's Path sent me these as samples to review. They should be on the shelf very soon if they are not already. I did check Amazon & they aren't there yet. I will shoot an email to my contact at Nature's Path & see if I can get a date for you.

  • robyn gilmore

    hi, i live in australia, and recently tried your cereals in thailand, i was hopeing you have a distributor in brisbane, australia. could you please advise me, or is there a website i could order from? thankyou robyn.

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