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Product Review: Emergen-C

With cold & flu season knocking at the door, these samples came right at the right time!  I had forgotten that I had signed up for them, but was glad when they arrived.  Extra Vitamin C is a very good thing this time of year. 


The first packet I tried was the Cherry-Pomegranate.  This package was actually a multi-vitamin plus extra vitamin C and other vitamins.  I mixed the powder with about 4 oz of cold water.  It was super fizzy! 



The taste was very pleasant & not too strong.  It did remind me a little bit of the Flintstones Chewables that I took as a kid & when I was pregnant with my daughter.  Nothing wrong with that!  😉 


The Pink Lemonade flavor didn’t taste much different from the Cherry-Pomegranate.  This one wasn’t a multi-vitamin, though, just the 1000mg of vitamin C and some other vitamins & minerals. 

All of the Emergen-C products are gluten-free and safe for Celiacs.  You  can find Emergen-C in your grocery or drug stores.  I did see it at Trader Joe’s the other day and if I remember correctly, it was only $7.99 there, cheaper than the grocery store.  You can also find the Emergen-C products on


While I am chatting about vitamins, I have had low vitamin D for the past 9-10 months, or longer (I hadn’t been tested previously).  I had been taking 2000 IU/day in a capsule form, but they were bothering my stomach.  So when I found a sample of Caltrate 600-D Chewables at my doctors office, I picked them up.  I called to verify they are gluten-free and tried them out.  The flavor is not fantastic and they are a little chalky, but hey, it is a vitamin, not a piece of specialty candy, right?  Most important part….they are gluten-free and didn’t bother my stomach! 



Don’t forget to take your calcium & vitamin D, ladies!!  Also, keep your immune systems healthy this flu season by eating healthy & taking your vitamins!  Also, getting the proper amounts of rest is really important, too. 


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