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Weekly Menu Plan – January 31, 2010

I would like to start out this week’s post with a shout out to my nephew, Noah, who is turning 2 today! Happy birthday Noah!!

Does this kid enjoy life or what?

Noah & his family happen to live where it is a little warmer than it is here in Ohio right now. Yesterday it was 15 degrees when I went for my 10 mile run. BRRR!!! The week before? 50s. Get it straight, will ya? LOL! This coming week we are supposed to have “normal” temperatures, whatever that may be. I’ll take anything above 20 right now, okay?

Heather, from Celiac Family, is hosting this week’s Gluten-free Menu Swap & she chose chocolate as the theme ingredient of the week. Really? OMG….my favorite!!! Did Heather just give me an excuse to incoroprate chocolate into every meal I make this week? ;) I think Heather may have found herself a new BFF. ;) What shall I make? I think that I see some Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Loaf in my future, as well as some breakfast oatmeal with some Chocolate Cacao Nibs. I can’t wait to see the other menus this week!

Sunday- Rotisserie Chicken, risotto of some sort, roasted veggies & salad

Monday – Salmon, baked poatoes, broccoli & salad

Tuesday – Baked Ziti, steamed green beans & salad

Wednesday – Filet Mignon, baked sweet potato, asparagus & salad

Thursday – Perfect Pork Tenderloin, mashed potatoes, peas & salad

Friday – Pizza night!

Saturday – Leftovers

Baked Goods

Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Loaf

Blueberry Muffins

Don’t forget to check out Orgjunkie for more menu ideas.


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Hope you all have a wonderful week!

8 comments to Weekly Menu Plan – January 31, 2010

  • Love the new look of your website. Your menu looks great. I'd be happy to be your new BFF, especially if you're making Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Loaf. :) I keep meaning to try it, but haven't gotten to it yet. The stores are still short on canned pumpkin. Hope they have a better growing season this year.

  • [...] chocolate lover, Kim at Gluten Free is Life, is making Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Loaf this week. Yum! She also has filet mignon and a link to a [...]

  • What a cutie! Bravo on completing that run … you deserve tons of chocolate this week, girl. :-) LOL on the new BFF–how true! Our true girlfriends always feed us chocolate. LOL Now Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Loaf … I want some of that!


  • Kim

    Thanks Heather!!

    I found some pumpkin a couple months back & bought 10 cans! I have been working through it ever since.

    I hope you have a great week!


  • Thanks for the "shout out", Aunt Kim! Can't wait to see you soon! XOXO, Noah

  • Man, my kids are going to LOVE the chocolate pumpkin loaf! Two of their favorite things! Well, yeah, and ME, too, obviously! Thanks for sharing that.

    Maybe this week we all should be making some of that Mexican Chili with dark chocolate in it, too. ;o)

  • I can cook anything but I am terrible at making menu plans. I am not a good planner in general but for some reason menu planning is especially difficult. Any advice? How do you go about making a plan? THANK YOU!!!

  • Kim

    Start by making a list of the ingredients you have on hand, then what is on sale at the grocery store that specific week & then go from there. That is how I start. Once I get into the habit of doing this (usually Sunday mornings), it is just part of my routine.

    Hope that helps!

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