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The other day I posted my review on Zing Bars. I just received an email today from Stacey at Zing Bars with a coupon code for you guys! This is a great deal, so take this awesome opportunity to try out Zing Bars for yourself or stock up!

Here is the code:

Save $10 on EACH box of 12 ordered. So if they order 3 boxes, they would save $30 dollars. Each box of 12 is regularly priced at $31.95.

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Have an amaZING day!!


I am now almost in month 2 of my marathon training. I can’t believe I am going to run a marathon! So far, so good. My long run is at 10 miles right now and will be bumped up to 12 in less than 2 weeks. The furthest I have ever run is a half marathon, so I will soon be coming up on a new PDR (personal distance record). I have been working hard to ensure that I am getting the proper amount of calories and nutrition in my diet. This stage is fairly easy as my mileage is nothing longer than I have done before. I am trying to really listen to my hunger cues, though long run days are still tough as I have no appetite. I have been really concentrating on smaller meals, closer together on those days. Since I don’t ever really seem to be hungry on those days, I just try to eat something with 200 – 400 calories every 2-3 hours. I got some new products to try out for my long runs, so I will make sure to update and review those soon.


I am toying with the idea of going vegetarian for Lent. I have become increasingly concerned about where our food comes from since watching Food, Inc and reading more & more about the whole process. I don’t eat a diet heavy in meats right now, and I do enjoy lots of vegetarian meals, but is it something I want to do. And, if I do decide to go ahead & do it, am I doing it for the right reasons. Last year I gave up wine for Lent. That was hard. I have given up chocolate and sweets/desserts in the past, too. Still lots to think about. I also need to consider my nutrition needs while marathon training.


Check out my latest Examiner article for a review on Joan’s GF Great Bakes English Muffins. You can also read about Living Gluten-free – the Teenage Years on


Keep your eyes peeled in the next few days for a fun review & giveaway! A nice treat!

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  • There's lots of great places to get local meat around town so if you decide to change up your meat purchasing options, give me a holla and I'll give you some places to check out. :D

    Congrats on the marathon training! I honestly don't really increase my food intake too much but sort of switch up the types of foods I eat, if that makes sense. When my runs get higher, I'll eat a bit more on Saturday and something in the evening to help get me through the long run on Sunday. I'm the opposite though and do find that long runs make me a bit hungry and I really need extra protein that day.

  • Andrea,

    Thank you! I will keep that in mind. I keep going back & forth on the meat issue. I really do like my salmon, chicken & filet mignon – just not the practices behind how it gets to our tables. I guess the question really is can we (or do we want to) afford the switch to local meats. Also, thanks for your input on fueling for runs. :)


  • That's great about the coupon. I've been wanting to try the bars, but haven't seen them around here. I need to go back and read your review.

    I'm still trying to decide what to give up for Lent. Likely chocolate which I know seems rather boring, but it really does help me to stop and think about my diet and consciously make a sacrafice which is what I think Lent is partly about.

    We're like you, we don't eat a lot of meat on the a regular basis. We eat a lot of vegetarian dishes, but like to eat meat when the offering sounds good or I find a new recipe. We've started buying from a local grass-fed farm. I feel much better about my meat choices because of it. I don't buy meat in the supermarket anymore and try not to eat it out unless I know the source. It feels like such a huge chunk of our grocery dollars at first, but buying in bulk and freezing is key. Spending a little more on meat has also helped me incorporate more veg meals and not rely on it so heavily. It sounds weird, but I put extra effort into preparing it well because it cost more. And honestly, the meat is so much better. There is a definite difference in taste.

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