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Starbucks Disappointment

It is not often that I write a post like this. I really don’t like to “dis” anyone, especially those companies that have gone to the lengths that Starbucks has to offer gluten-free products. However, I am very disappointed in my experience at Starbucks today.

As I went to get some work done this morning at home, I discovered that my internet service was down. I had some pressing things that had to get done, so off to Starbucks I went. I figured that while I was there, I could also sample the KIND bars they were supposed to be sampling today. I went in & ordered my coffee, 2 year old God daughter, Emma, in tow. I sat down, unpacked my laptop and went to get online. Well, that is not possible without a “Starbucks Card/Account”. No free wifi! WHAT? The nice woman sitting next to me told me that I could just sign up right there, so I tried to on the Starbucks website that came up on my laptop. Guess what? They send an email confirmation to your email address before your account can be activated. See where I am going with this? How exactly am I supposed to access my email if I can’t access the internet? I went up to the counter, Emma in tow, offering multiple customers her Goldfish, and asked the barista. Well, seems you can’t sign up in the store, you have to do it before hand. How inconvenient is that? If I would have known that in advance, I would have just gone to Panera or Caribou Coffee. I asked for my money back for my coffee, since the only reason I purchased it was so that I wasn’t in there just to use the internet. I didn’t feel bad because I hadn’t even taken a drink yet & now I had to pack up & head to Caribou, where I am now. As a side note, they didn’t even have any samples of the KIND bar out! I saw all of the gluten-free snacks on display for sale, but no samples.

I can understand a company or establishment not wanting people to come in just to use their wifi, but most people don’t do that. Most people will buy something. I think it is a huge turnoff to customers to charge them for something that they can get for free right up the road. A prime example – me. I am now sitting in Caribou, with a decaf cold-pressed iced coffee and my free wifi. I can guarantee that I will make sure to give my money to a company that looks for ways to accommodate their customers, not inconvenience them.

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  • I've always felt Starbucks, whole WiFi thing was dumb. Now that you explained the whole email thing to activate the account it makes it even more ridiculous. I understand that companies don't want people to sit all day drinking one coffee, but the fact that one of the top coffee shops in the country can't offer free WiFi is pretty unbelievable. Therefore, I never go there to work. I absolutely heart Panera. Free WiFi all the way! If I had a Caribou I would be there for sure. I love that place, but none near here. :(

  • That really is awful. I know you don't like putting up negative posts, but honestly, Starbucks needs to consider their customer base and stop the nonsense.

  • We have a local place that offers free Wifi – with the added bonus of it being locally owned. That's where I go when I want some free internet. Starbuck's does some things really really well, and others, well, obviously, not as well. I agree completely, Kim.

  • Nikki

    I went to the Starbucks today in Allentown, PA and there were NO free KIND samples.

  • Kim

    I have since been contacted by KIND Snacks and been informed that there was some kind of delivery or supply issue. They will let me know if & when Starbucks is going to "sample" the bars again and I will pass the information along.

    I didn't write this post to complain about the KIND Bars – I have tasted them & love them all. I am just disappointed in Starbucks and I seem to not be the only one that thinks this is a ridiculous thing.

    Karen- I would totally rather give my money to a local company. I support local businesses as much as I can.

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