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    Happy Valentine’s Day & Weekly Menu Plan 2/14/2010

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!! Are you celebrating in any special way? Aaron & Jon are out of town for a hockey tournament, so Hannah & I will be having dinner with my mom & step dad at one of my favorite restaurants. Not the same as being with the love of my life, but I am looking forward to spending some time with my mommy (and step dad). I did make sure to start my day out the only way you can start out a day that centers around chocolate – with cacao nibs over my rice cakes, peanut butter & black cherry spread! YUM! What a unique crunch that added! I may just have to do that again. I also tossed some in my coffee. I was reading the back of the package while waiting for my eggs and saw a suggestion to add to your morning coffee. No need to twist my arm to add anything like that to my coffee. It added a nice undertone to the coffee and they softened up so they were a bit chewy when my coffee was all gone.

    Seems we are in for some more snow tomorrow. I think that mother nature missed my last memo that I had had enough already. I guess maybe that darn groundhog was right afterall. Onto the plan:

    Sunday – dinner out!

    Monday – Filet Mignon, baked potato, asparagus & salad

    Tuesday- Tacos, refried beans, cilantro rice, corn & salad

    Wednesday- Burgers (veggie or turkey), sweet potato fries, broccoli & salad

    Thursday-Grilled chicken, roasted acorn squash, zucchini & salad

    Friday- Pizza or calzones and salad


    Baked Goods

    Chocolate Crinkles


    Pumpkin Bread

    Make sure to check out Orgjunkie for lots of menu planning ideas.


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    Also, there have been several recalls this week:

    Daniel’s Meat Packers recall turkey burgers

    Champ Meatball Company recalls patty mix

    Cousin’s recalls Spinach Vinaigrette

    Don’t miss this: Columbus people – Gluten Nanny hosting a workshop this week.

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