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Have you heard the news? I have all kinds of tidbits, so I am going to put them all here in one, nice, neat place. 🙂

King Arthur Flour has a gluten-free line of mixes coming out on March 1st. The mixes/flour will be certified gluten-free, kosher, allergen free and have no preservatives. Watch for more info on where to purchase these mixes.


I am looking for a couple readers to write a guest post that will go live the 3rd week of March. Please email me at if you are interested.


Wendy’s has updated their gluten-free menu. They have removed some salads that were previously on the list (Chicken Ceasar, Mandarin Chicken). After speaking with someone from Wendy’s this morning, I confirmed that those salads are no longer available. There are new ones on the menu and the gluten-free status of those salads should be posted on Wendy’s site by the end of February. I will make sure to update when that happens.


If you are in or near the Columbus area, Holiday Baking Company is beginning to offer gluten-free lasagna starting today!! I will be getting some this week to try out. I can’t wait!


And, the news that I am most excited about, P.F. Chang’s has added lots of items to their gluten-free menu. Please check out the offerings & make sure to let me know if you have tried any of the new offerings!


Check out some of my latest articles on I have chatted about Quaker Rice Cakes, cacao nibs, bagels, Puffins, waffles and much more.


Want to try the new You Bars? You can see my review & get a discount code here.


Get a deal (free shipping) on all frozen gluten-free food you buy from  Click here for details


The offer to get a discount on Zing Bars is ending on Sunday! Take advantage of this deal now!

Here is the code:

Save $10 on EACH box of 12 ordered. So if they order 3 boxes, they would save $30 dollars. Each box of 12 is regularly priced at $31.95.

Coupon code is: gflife
Expiration date is: Feb 28 2010

Have an amaZING day!!

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