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Thank You & a Shout Out to some Prolific Bloggers

A new friend, Sarah, at Celiac in the City, awarded me with an award the other day. Sarah awarded me with the “Prolific Blogger Award“. I am very flattered & honored to be named among these other amazing bloggers. Thank you, Sarah.

This is what Sarah had to say:

Kim @ Gluten Free is Life. Not sure exactly where she finds the time to run, write, review, run, cook, bake, run, tend to kiddos… but she DOES IT! (and she shares the love of coconut M&M’s)

Now, I will share some of the prolific bloggers that are in my Google Reader. Of course, there is Sarah. I have enjoyed getting to know Sarah on Twitter recently & through her blog.

Sam at Operation Jack. Sam is running 60 marathons this year to raise money for autism awareness. Sam’s son, Jack, was diagnosed with autism after her turned 3. I don’t know how Sam does it all – works, is a husband & Dad to 3 kids, travels & runs marathons every weekend.

Joe at Joe is Running for Dom. Joe is running in support of a good friend’s battle with cancer. Joe will be running in this year’s Boston Marathon, as well as Pittsburgh’s Marathon, only 13 days later.

Lauren at Celiac Teen. Lauren, only 16 years old, is wise beyond her years. She is a brilliant cook and baker. Lauren helped raise close to $5000 for Haiti by organizing & compiling recipes for an eCookbook last month.

Elizabeth at Gluten-free Baking 101. Elizabeth is the author of Easy Gluten-Free Baking. She is always cooking or baking up something that makes my stomach growl, even if I have just eaten! I am currently drooling over her Gluten-Free Cake Truffles.

Amy at Simply Sugar & Gluten-free. Amy has got to be one of the busiest people I know. She just started going to culinary schoole (very jealous) and is always creating amazing meals on her blog. I don’t know how she does it all.

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