Boar’s Head Products – Gluten-Free & Happy Easter

Boar’s Head deli meats, cheeses & condiments are all gluten-free. Did you know that? I didn’t. I knew that the meats & cheeses were, but I didn’t know about the condiements. I have always been hesitant to buy deli meat from the deli due to possible cross-contimination issues. Boar’s Head has a great brochure that can be viewed online that outlines some safety measures to help prevent any possibility of CC. The brochure also contains several mouth-watering recipes.

History of Boar’s Head

Family owned for over 100 years

The first delicatessen products were distributed using the name Boar’s Head Brand in the New York City area in 1905. Products were delivered by horse-drawn wagon to small delicatessens and “Mom and Pop” stores.

By 1933, distribution of Boar’s Head Brand products had grown. It was at that time that the founder, Frank Brunckhorst, dissatisfied with the quality of cooked hams which were available to him, decided that he would open a manufacturing plant of his own. The first plant was started in a small building in Brooklyn with only three employees.

Even back then there were thousands of delicatessens in New York City, and there were a great number of small manufacturers of delicatessen specialties. The competition among these manufacturers was keen; and as a result, very high standards were set for the quality of delicatessen products. Frank Brunckhorst set his own high standards, and he would not vary from them. Before long, Boar’s Head Brand products could be found in all of the best delicatessens, gourmet stores and fine food establishments in the New York area.

Over the years since that time, most other manufacturers of delicatessen products have made compromises in quality for the sake of convenience and economy. But the manufacturers of Boar’s Head Brand have never done so. To this day, four generations later, descendants of the family still insist on the same unwavering commitment to those high standards set by Frank Brunckhorst long ago.

By the mid 1970’s, requests had begun to come from all over the country for Boar’s Head products. Now, Boar’s Head Brand products are shipped by truck to distributors all over the country. Boar’s Head is proud and honored that today – from New England to Key West, and all across the nation, from Seattle to San Diego, in thousands of Mom and Pop stores, and in the most prestigious supermarkets in America, delicatessens who care about the products they serve to their customers, serve Boar’s Head Brand.

So next time you are at your local grocery store, stop by the deli & check for Boar’s Head deli meat & cheese.


I hope you are all having a Happy Easter!! We are celebrating with familiy and having an Easter egg hunt in the backyard. The weather is supposed to be glorious – so unusual for April in Ohio!

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