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A Late Evening Treat

Dessert for Jon’s party was originally going to be Pistachio Cheesecake. That went out the window when I realized I was missing some key ingredients. I had made some Betty Crocker Gluten-free Cupcakes earlier, so I knew that would serve as part of the dessert.


I used the yellow cake mix & rich & creamy chocolate frosting that Live Gluten Freely sent me earlier last week. I knew the cupcakes wouldn’t be enough, so I set out to make more goodies. This is what I came up with:


Peanut Butter Chip Brownies. Yes, they were freakin’ amazing! The picture can’t even begin to show the scrumptiousness that was these brownies. The recipe will be up on later this week. I will make sure to let you know when.

After the festivities of Jon’s party died down we went to watch his rec hockey game. Jon scored a hat trick for his birthday and the game winning goal, to boot! Go JON! After the game, the boys headed home and my mom and me headed out for some girly time. We went out with the intention of just having a glass of wine, but after having eaten “dinner” at 5 PM, we were a touch on the hungry side. We tried Marcella’s, known for it’s great atmosphere & gluten-free menu, but there was a 20-30 minute wait to just sit in the bar! You know you are getting old when you don’t go out on the weekends anymore & find that you may actually have to wait to eat at a restaurant! That doesn’t typically happen when you eat at 5 or 5:30! HA!

We decided that Brio would work and I was sure that I could find something that was gluten-free there. Brio doesn’t have a printed gluten-free menu, but the chef was more than happy to let me know if my choices were gluten-free. We ended up splitting the Wood Grilled Salmon Salad (sans crispy shoestring potatoes). I wish I would have had my camera with me to show you how big half of this salad was! It was a very decent size for being half! It was the perfect light 2nd dinner! I had a wonderful glass of Malbec to go along with my salad, while my mom enjoyed a glass of chardonnay. We really enjoyed each other’s company Saturday night. We don’t get to do this type of thing too often, as the kids are usually with me. We finished the night off with a Mini Caramel Crème Brulee. The cutest little dessert that came in an espresso cup! It was the perfect size. I love crème brulee, but hate that most places serve the dessert in a very large dish and I feel like I have to finish it all. This was no problem to finish & didn’t leave me feeling like I needed to unbutton my jeans. :) Want to find a Brio close to you? Click here for locations.


I love my mom!! I love how close we have grown over the years. I wish she lived closer.

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  • OMG Kim you are killing me with these treats! LOL! I will be making brownies this weekend-I was definitely adding chocolate chips and now may have to do some PB as well!

  • Kim

    Sorry Erin!! You have less than 7 days now!!!

  • Linda

    It was a great evening out with you, Kim! I wish we had more time to be together, too. Plus the more I hang out with you, the healthier I eat. You're the best influence on my diet!!

  • I'm with Erin… OMG! Peanut Butter Chip Brownies??!!

    Between these and Alta's (Tasty Eats At Home) Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream:… I am gonna have to take up running! Better get some Duck tape… :-)

  • Kim

    Heidi – They really were outstanding – I need to get rid of them b/c I can't keep my hands off!! LOL! That ice cream looks amazing!

    Mom – Miss you already!!

  • The salmon salad sounds really delish!

  • Kim – Those peanut butter chip brownies sound delish. We just finished our bag of mini peanut butter cups from after Easter so I am in need of something PB/Choc!!!

    But I am with Heidi – I would need to run a marathon too if I ate these all. With only two of us in the house…eek! And I am not good about freezing half or taking half to work. But maybe I will…just so I can have a few! Hey Heidi, we should start running between our two houses to work off all the food-blogger pounds we're going to gain!! Wait, that's like 10 miles or something. Ugh. No thanks! But I admire Kim for running – just wish I had it in me.

  • Kim

    Thanks Renee!! I send a lot of stuff into work with hubby. He has 2 co-workers with Celiac, so they help sample.

    Alison – I dreamt about that salad last night! LOL!

  • what a great shot of you and your mom!

    so sweet…just like those treats :)

  • Great blog! I am seriously considering going gluten free and was wondering if you had any advice for me?

  • Kim

    Calais – Have you seen a dr? If you want to have the tests for Celiac done, don't go on the gluten-free diet until after your testing is complete or the test results could be skewed. You need to be consuming gluten for the tests to be accurate.

    There is all kind of information here on my blog. Check the links on the right side of my blog and the tabs at the top of the page. There are safe & forbidden food lists, shopping tips, etc.

    Please feel free to post back or email me at with more questions.


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