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True Blogger Confessions

Okay, this is probably the post that shouldn’t be, but I was thinking about this the other day and never got around to writing it. Now that I have had a couple of glasses of wine, I am getting around to writing it. It may be because I am choosing to forgo the to-do list I have due to the vino I have had or it may be because I am too tired to get off of my chair.

Do you have any hidden secrets to confess? I do. My secret is one that I have been keeping for a while, but don’t like to share. Want to know who really made me think about it? Dr. Oz. I kid you not. I usually have his show on in the background & this one piece caught my ear/eye.

I don’t floss. Or didn’t. I do now. I have always hated things in my mouth. Dentist? No, thank you. I go because I have to. When they ask if I floss, I say “sometimes”. That is, or was, a lie. I couldn’t stand it and the last time I did it I ended up losing a crown! That ended up a huge debacle. I am now getting my teeth cleaned on a regular basis and flossing, too. I have been fortunate that I haven’t had any major dental issues aside from things that occurred years ago and I am just getting around to taking care of (thank you crappy dental insurance). You can read all kinds of info on flossing here on Dr. Oz’s site.

So, the questions of the day are: #1 Do you floss daily? #2 Are you keeping any secrets?

What I am doing about my flossing? I am now committed to flossing daily. I have a 4 day streak going right now! That is huge progress for me.

Does this have anything to do with being gluten-free? Kind of. Dental floss is gluten-free, so that makes it blog-worthy. Of course, this is my blog, so I can blog about whatever I want to. However, I want to attract readers, not send them packing, so 98% of my posts relate to the gluten-free lifestyle.

Want some gluten-free info? Some new gluten-free news: General Mills is introducing Gluten-free Bisquick & Hamburger Helper in the next few months. Anne, from, wrote about it here.

Hope you all have a great Saturday night! I am heading to bed here shortly

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  • Jen

    Oh my gosh you are tooooo funny. I do not floss every day. I keep floss handy for when I eat something that gets stuck. I should floss every day, I know! Maybe I'll start with you.

    My confession: I don't wash my makeup off before I go to bed. Gross??? Yeah probably. But I just bought a new skincare regime today so tonight I start washing!!

  • This is a great post!

    Oh gosh, I am not good about flossing either, and I used to work at a dental office in my college days. Plus, I don't always take off my make-up either, and I cheat by using a baby wipe to take off my mascara.

    So already, I am pretty bad. But to add to that….being a vegetarian (who eats occasional fish)..I crave meat! I will see recipes in my magazines, and want to like the page when I see pork and beef. I so badly want to bring home bacon and fry it up. But I don't :( But then I don't floss either.

  • Linda

    You crack me up! OK – I don't floss because I'm convinced it will make one of my crowns come off. I also do not (usually) remove my makeup before bedtime. How about this confession? Sometimes I wear the same pair of socks two days in a row. (Are socks gluten-free?) Do I have you all beat? Oh – and my other confession is that I wish I were sharing a class of vino with you, Kim!

  • Ha ha, you're obvs not alone in the anti-flossing dept. :) I actually keep floss in the shower because somehow it's easier to do when I'm half asleep in the mornings.

    My confession: sometimes I'll put a dish I just ate out of in the fridge to eat leftovers out of the next day to save on dish washing.

  • I don't floss every day, but for good reason. My great grandparents were from Ireland, and therefore, I have shitty gums. If I floss every day, I get little cuts in between my teeth.

    Gingivitis anyone?

    So don't feel bad for not flossing every day. There is too much of a good thing! :)

  • Dear Kim, Please drunk-blog more often because the results are awesome. Hugs and kisses, A

    I used to floss daily and now I don't but need to get back into the habit. I stopped only because it increases the length of time I'm in the bathroom. What a lame reason! Once I pick it back up, it won't be a huge deal.

    Do I keep any secrets? Yes, lots. :D Ha!

  • What a great post :) It's your share whatever you wish..I'll still keep reading!

    I do floss twice a day…but only because I HATE going to the dentist! Recently had to have two crowns and a root canal in two months…YUCK!!

    On the bright side I have found the best dentist ever!

  • Kim

    Jen – I don't take my makeup off before bed either! LOL! I only wear makeup 2-3 days/week, but still, on the days I do, it is enough to brush my teeth & get ready for bed, let alone take off my makeup!

    Anne – It never dawned on me to use a baby wipe for mascara! Brilliant! I am going to try this.

    Mom – I wish you were here last night sharing vino with me, too!

    Cocoa- Floss in the shower is a good idea! I'll have to try it. I have never heard of keeping a dish in the fridge like that, but hey, whatever works!

    Fartygirl – Love the name of your blog! :) Seems that flossing is not such a popular thing! LOL!

    Andrea – Girl, just for you, I will drunk blog at least once a week, okay? ;) Not going to share any secrets? LOL

    Diana – Thanks for reading. :) Glad you found the best dentist – I really think that makes all the difference in the world. Sorry to hear about your recent dental work.

  • Here's to encourage you on continuing with the flossing bandwagon. Flossing will help prevent gum disease which in the long term is great as gum disease is related to cardiovascular disease. I just had that reminder at my last dentist appt (after my dad had a heart attack – and both parents have poor genetics when it comes to gums), so I make sure I floss. But it always helps to have that reminder. Flossing is a heart healthy move ;-)

  • I'm not really a flosser either. Nor a make-up remover! But I have found I will floss more often if I keep those little plastic pre-threaded flossers in my purse. I have been trying to remember to floss more because of the heart health issue too as we are genetically very prone. These guys make it easier.

    I have had to start at least taking my eye makeup off because something was irritating my sensitive eyes when I had to change mascaras. Why do your favorite products always disappear? My sensitive skin does not adapt easily to new products!!

  • Kim


    I hear you about sensitive skin! I have to be really careful too.


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