Do you like savings?

Do you like saving money? I know I do, especially since gluten-free mixes can be on the pricey side. Mixes from the Heartland has many gluten-free mixes from pancakes to muffins to pies to dip to soups & casseroles. I reviewed some of their products a few months back. Mixes from the Heartland now has a new Gluten Free Buying Club that offers some great savings incentives.

  • 15% discount
  • Lower prices not offered on the website
  • Access to new recipes
  • Special orders
  • Expanded variety of new products not offered on the website

How much does the Gluten Free Buying Club cost?

  • One year membership – $25
  • Lifetime membership – $40
  • Group/Wholesale membership – $100

There is also a sale going on right now for members: Assortment Packages for $28.00 ($8.00 off). There is free shipping on all orders over $100 and $10 flat rate shipping on all orders under $99.



A little more about Mixes from the Heartland:

  • No peanuts, eggs, tree nuts, soy, barley, wheat or rye in the factory
  • No bean flours
  • Eliza testing at 5 ppm

I just received an email from Teri, CEO of Mixes from the Heartland, with a coupon code for everyone to use through May 30: GFMFTH If you haven’t found Mixes from the Heartland on Facebook or Twitter yet, please make sure to check them out.











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