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    Weekly Menu Plan – May 2, 2010

    T-minus 14 days until my marathon! I have been seeing a sports doctor this week & found out that my sore foot was my plantar fascia acting up. I have never had issues like this, so it is all new to me. With a little ART (deep tissue massage), PT and TLC, I should be just fine by race day according to my doctor. I did freak out a little this week, but I am feeling better now.

    Jon leaves for DC the day after my race for a week. I am also stressing about him going and eating safely. Fortunately there is a mom going who also has a child with Celiac disease. She & I have been chatting about food for the kids.

    When I went shopping today I picked up lots of fresh produce and not a lot else. I have a bunch of protein already in my freezer, so I didn’t need to grab any meats. I spent only $100!

    Sunday – Rotisserie chicken, sweet potato, okra & salad

    Monday -salmon, basmati rice, carrots & salad

    Tuesday – Chicken tacos/burritos, corn, refried beans & salad

    Wednesday – Burgers, baked fries, green beans & salad

    Thursday -Bonefish Grill

    Friday – Veggie pizza and salad

    Saturday – Beef tenderloin, garlic mashed potatoes, steamed veggies, salad, pistachio cheesecake (Mother’s Day get together)

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    And, for those who read my “True Blogger Confessions“, I have been flossing almost daily! I went from not flossing to flossing 5 out of 7 days last week. The 2 days I forgot I was already in bed and was too tired to get back up when I remembered.


    Have a great gluten-free week!

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