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Phew, it is hot!! I know, a few months back I was complaining that I was cold, but that was when I was at home in Ohio. It is really hot here in NC, humid too. Heat index is 103. The ocean is even warm, which is odd this early. We have been coming here for years in early June and the water is usually still chilly now. Not this year. I was reading Heidi’s post on Aguas Frescas earlier that made me wish I had her here right along with me! LOL!

Normally on Sundays I write my menu plan, but I am on vacation, so no plan. We play it by ear and hit the grocery store daily or every other day for supplies. Tonight’s menu – Shrimp Scampi or Shrimp & avocado salad. Tomorrow – tacos and margaritas. Can’t go wrong with margaritas, right?

While I am here, a little update on my life as Bootsie. Things are going as well as can be expected. My foot has not hurt and I have been able to walk across the street to the beach sans boot with no pain. I find myself even walking fast and slow down. Good signs. I suspect that the boot was possibly prescribed to protect me from myself. Meaning that if I have to wear this I am less likely to do more than I should and when it is off, I am less likely to attempt something I shouldn’t do. It is all good. 11 more days. I am almost half way there.

  • Some new observations from my life as Bootsie:
  • When grocery shopping, I can stand on the front of the cart, Titanic style, and Aaron can push me around.
  • People are very curious why I am wearing the boot.
  • Sunburn on the top of my foot and then inside the boot is not a pleasant feeling.
  • I can cook and do dishes, but bending over to pick up something off the floor is near impossible from a standing position, unless I do it one legged.
  • Thinking I should do a series called “Where in the world is Bootsie” and give prizes to those who can tell me. ;)

I hope to blog about another restaurant later on this week, though I doubt I will find one that tops our Margaritaville the other day. I see a repeat visit later this week. Date night with the hubby coming up,too! :)

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  • I haven't quite got the hang of menu planning. I always want to eat something different than is on the menu. I tend to buy what's on sale/in season and *wing it* through the week. Wish I could menu plan though.

  • I am teleporting you a Strawberry Agua Fresca! :-) Thanks for the mention Kim. I'm with Anna, I am horrible at menu planning, but I really want to get into it, maybe it will help me get better organized (if I can stick with the plan!).

  • I started menu planning a few months ago and I must say that I really like it. It takes the "panic" out of dinner time. I always plan next week's meals before I shop and make out my grocery list at the same time. Even if I decide that I don't want what I have planned on a certain night, I skip to another night's meal and then go back to the other one on another night. I always have everything I need to prepare any of the seven meals on my plan! It also helps keep me from overbuying groceries. (I tend to do that because everything in the market looks good to me! LOL!)

  • Oh…I forgot to say that I definitely think you should have someone take a picture of you riding on the cart! LOL!

  • Kim

    LOL Lisa! I know!! It was pretty funny!

    This not menu planning is making me a little batty!

    Heidi – thanks for that drink! ;)

    Anna – I look at the ads for the week (either online or the ones that come with our paper), check out the sales, then inventory my pantry, fridge & freezer and make my list. I do deviate sometimes – time constraints, laziness, etc. ;)


  • Menu planning is the only way we eat decent, healthy food – we learned that a long time ago – the first couple years together we ate crappy. But it also prevents me from over-buying too, or mis-buying sometimes, by which I mean buying something that looks good and then leaving it in the frig too long because I can't figure out what I want to do with it.

    I will also deviate from my list too. Like tonight. I had a meeting run late and told the husband to pick something out of the freezer and I would fend for myself when I got home. I am good at fending for myself and making stuff up when it is just for me.

    And we typically only 'plan' four meals a week. Since there are only two of us we eat leftovers one of those other nights or something out of the freezer or just plan for a deviation – going out, just eating chips and guac for dinner, something. This also helps to prevent food from going to waste here at our house.

    I am with Lisa too, we don't plan a particular meal for a particular night usually. Unless it is something complicated and then I will save for the weekend when I have more time.

    I also like being able to go to the store once a week and not having to stop by again to pick up something I forgot because I wasn't sure what I was making the first time I went. And because I only tend to go once a week, we tend to eat our meals in the order of most perishable ingredients first, etc.

    Meal planning works! Try it!

  • Sounds like you have it down, Renee! :) I enjoy shopping only once per week. The more I go to the store, the more $$ I spend on things I don't need.

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