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Product Review: Nature Valley Roasted Nut Crunch Bars

Last week I wrote about General Mills adding a couple more products to their growing gluten-free list. Since then I have been able to sample the bars. There are 2 different varieties of the nut crunch bars – peanut and almond. The bars are made up of a variety of nuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and has 6 grams of protein.

*Photos courtesy of Nature Valley

Both of the bars are very good. I love the crunch of the bars. The flavor is great and they are not overly sweet. These bars are perfect for carrying in your purse or backpack for on-the-go snacks or emergency meals. I never leave home without some kind of bar in my purse. Some of the other bars I carry are:

Some people get scared off by the amount of fat in these bars. Most of the fat in these bars comes from nuts. Nuts are high in fat, but they are “good fat”. Nuts contain essential fatty acids that are vital for growth, healthy hair and skin, BP control and immune defense. The this type of fat does not raise blood cholesterol levels. Nuts contain monounsaturated fats (MUFAS) which are known to raise HDL levels (the good cholesterol).

If you can’t find these bars in a store near you, you can purchase them online here. Shipping is 100% free! Kudos to General Mills for being the leader in the mainstream grocery industry with all of these gluten-free products.

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  • Great news, thanks for sharing!

  • I was excited to find the Gluten-Free Nature Valley Almond Crunch bars at Walmart a few weeks back. I wasn't so excited to see how much sugar was in these bars. They are a good emergency snack or a good snack for when I go on a long bike ride. In general, I will stick with the Lara Bars which have no added sugar. I do want to thank General Mills for providing us with another gluten-free option!

  • Melissa

    I recently tried these and LOVE them. But like Erin, I was unhappy with the sugar (and as you mentioned — fat).

    I hope they continue to come out with more gluten free products!

  • Anna

    I saw these at Target but couldn't find GF on the package. If in doubt I pass them up. Added to my list for next time :) I usually reach for the Life or Bora Bora Bars. I find the Larabars too sweet and dates also don't agree with me.

  • Yeah, the sugar is a downfall, but the fact that these companies are starting to pay attention to our needs is key here. Is this something to eat every day? No. They are nice to have on hand for "emergencies". I think they hold up better than LaraBars in my purse, but I also have kids stomping on my stuff all the time! LOL! I do perfer LaraBars for taste & health reasons.

  • Donna

    These were tasty, but heck on the teeth. They have the toughness/texture I guess you could say, of peanut brittle. And of course the sugar disappointment. But hey, I say keep on trying with the gluten free! Almost nothing thrills me more….

  • Jeanne Doll

    My husband, celiac diagnosed since 1990, ate one of these bars yesterday and go very ill. In the past he has not tolerated so called gluten free oats and we wonder if these are made on shared equipment with General Mills granola bars that contain oats. No such claim is printed on the package. The ingredients listed and the bold GLUTEN FREE on the package front sure indicated they were ok for him to eat. Beware, one celiac had a very bad reaction to this product.

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  • HopeO

    Oh, my! I wasn't paying attention to the amount of sugar or fats. I was upset because the most recent box of Almond Crunch bars we significantly smaller than others I'd purchased in thed past. Now I'm wondering if I should be concerned more about being 'cheated' by shortening the size or the 'shortening' in the product itself!!!

  • Lisa

    I have been upset lately as my Walmart has not been carrying them. I checked Walgreens, HEB and CVS, I am glad they still make them. They are my favorites!

  • Tori

    How do I go about getting Nature Valley Roast Nut Crunch bars in the peanut version? The stores here in the Kalamazoo, MI area only sell the almond crunch bars. Although I love these, I am disappointed that I cannot get the peanut bars. Also, didn't you have a cashew version when they first came out? I would really enjoy these, too.

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