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    Happy 4th of July & a Menu Plan

    Happy 4th of July! How are you spending this holiday weekend? The weather here has been picture perfect – lower humidity, clear, blue skies and perfect summertime temps of about 80 -85 degrees. I kicked off the weekend with a 2000m swim at the pool yesterday morning, then I went to donate blood and then Hannah and I spent the day at the pool. I see another pool day in my future really soon. :)

    On Saturday I wrote a post about my obsession with fruit. Have you tried yellow watermelon?

    I remember tasting one last year, but didn’t want to buy a huge watermelon for just me to eat (the rest of the family doesn’t like watermelon). Today Meijer was selling them in quarters, so I got a quarter of a watermelon for $1.30. Can’t beat that!

    On the menu this week…

    Sunday – Veggie Mexican Pizzas (post with details to come later this week) and salad

    Monday – Rotisserie Chicken, risotto, asparagus & salad

    Tuesday -Filet Mignon, baked potatoes, steamed green beans & salad

    Wednesday-Grilled Chicken Kabobs, roasted zucchini & salad

    Thursday- Burgers (Sunshine for me), sweet potato fries, broccoli & salad

    Friday-Pizza and salad

    Saturday – my mom will be here, we will cook together or be lazy & go out! ;)

    Baked Goods

    Since it is so hot outside, there will be no baking, but I wanted to share a recipe I found in an email for Real Simple that I would love to try.

    Fruity Ice Cream Cups

    *Recipe courtesy of Real Simple

    Serves 4
    Total Time: 15m

    • 1 cup of ice cream (Real Simple suggests vanilla, I suggest being creative)
    • 1/2 cup fruit sorbet
    • fresh fruit , such as raspberries or sliced strawberries (optional – was not in Real Simple’s recipe)

    Dividing evenly, layer ½ cup ice cream, ½ cup fruit sorbet, fresh fruit and another ½ cup ice cream in 4 small paper cups.
    Freeze until firm, at least 10 minutes and up to 4 days.

    My flavor combination idea: Breyer’s Dark Chocolate Velvet Smooth & Dreamy Ice Cream with raspberry sorbet & fresh raspberries.


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    There is a Jules Flour giveaway here – enter until July 9, 2010.

    Thanks to Gluten Free Philly for letting us know about P.F. Chang’s offering free lettuce wraps with the purchase of an entree through July 31, 2010. Click here to get your coupon. Scroll down to enter your email address & get your coupon.

    Erin talks about intuitive eating here and don’t forget about her brand new ebook, Living a Healthy Gluten-Free Life, that you can purchase here.

    Have a great week!!

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