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Celebrity Sighting?

Yesterday I was out running a bunch of errands with the kids. One of the most important stops was picking up the book “Total Immersion” by Terry Laughlin. I have been told by several people that this is the book to read for swimming tips. I have been making progress, but things still aren’t seamless by any means. I am hoping that reading this book will be like waving a magic wand above my body.

Next stop up – Raisin Rack. I had some coupons that I was sent for some newer gluten-free foods I was asked to sample. As I was walking into the store with the stroller (for the kids I watch), a woman called out my name. I looked over and didn’t recognize her until she spoke up and said that she recognized me and reads my blog! How cool is that!?! It was so great to meet Michelle. She and I have been emailing back and forth about different gluten-free foods for a while now. She was at Raisin Rack buying some birthday treats for her son – tell him we said “Happy Birthday!” Now I just need the papparazzi following me around & I will be just like a celebrity! Just kidding! Seriously, I am SO not cut out for something like that. I would crawl under a rock! LOL!

Last week I finally picked up some Daiya Cheddar Style Shreds at Whole Paycheck Foods. I am in love with this stuff! Have you tried it? You can read my review here. I have been using it for everything from wraps, to nachos, to rice bowls. I can’t wait to try the Mozzarella Style Shreds next.

I have a couple of new recipes that I am trying out this week that I can’t wait to review & share with you all. In the meantime, make sure to check out my giveaways this week.

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  • Hey Kim – I love the daiya cheese too! I can't get it wear I live but I have a friend who brings it to me. I love it on nachos and the ever-yummy grilled cheese. I've gotten too used to cheese-less pizza (and I love it) so I haven't tried it there yet. I know one day I'll feel like an ooey gooey cheesy pizza!

  • The mozz style is not as good as the cheddar style, in my opinion. But, it may be because I, like Maggie, have gotten used to no "cheese" on my pizza. (I use cashew cream.) Or, it may just be that it needs to be used more in moderation on pizza, as it did a bit of that plasticy feel thing that other fake cheeses do on pizza.

    Love the cheddar style, though.

  • Maggie…..Hopefully you can find it where you live soon!

    Deanna…..thanks for the tip on the mozzarella. I have never tried cashew cream! YUM!!

  • Kim, you ARE a celebrity in the Gluten-Free world!! :-)

  • Michelle

    Thanks for the shout out! Now I feel like a celebrity too. You're going to laugh, but I actually called my husband and my boss to tell them about my brush with celebrity at Raisin Rack. I was so excited to get to meet you in person. (And sorry if I freaked you out…)

    Appreciate the birthday wishes for my son. He's gluten-free, dairy-free and we do our best with processed-sugar free too. It was a big day for him in the food department: GF corn dogs and DF fudge bars.

  • Kim

    You are so sweet! I wouldn't call it freaked out…I was afraid (and a little embarrassed) b/c I thought I couldn't remember who you were. It was so great to meet in person!

    I am glad your son had a good day. :)


  • Daiya is fahhhhhbulous…. and can you believe it's soyfree?!?! Practically too good to be true….

    PS one of my marathon buddies just got diagnosed with celiac disease and I told her she must come here to check out your amazing blog! She is starting one of her own, as well.

    Have a great night!

  • Kim

    Thanks for passing my blog along!! :)

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