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First, the good news. Good news is so much more fun than bad news, right? So, lets start with the fun stuff to help raise us up and then maybe the bad news won’t be so bad.

The winner of the “Add up the Savings” event is……

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I actually plan to get some Progresso Soup that is gluten free on the buy eight save $4 special. If the chicken and rice is not included that I will have to get soup for my family and “skip” it for myself!

Congrats Colleen!! Please check your email & get me your shipping information.


More good news….my foot is cooperating nicely with my “Return to Running” plan. I am beyond thrilled that I am able to run, even if it is slow. I’ll take it.


Now, bad news. Trader Joe’s has temporarily discontinued their gluten-free French rolls. :( Sure, there are better bread options out there, but these rolls are really good used as a base for tuna melts or pizza. Also, under $4 for 4 rolls is a good price for gluten-free rolls. After speaking with 2 Trader Joe’s employees it seems as if they are looking for a new baker for the rolls. I suggested that they bring the Trader Joe’s English muffins into this region. They are available in other regions, just not Ohio. We will see. In the meantime, tuna melts will have to go on Food for Life English muffins or my favorite, Udi’s bagels. Good thing I can find Udi’s bagels at my local grocery store now and a special trip to Whole Paycheck Foods or Raisin Rack is not required.


And, the last piece of bad news….our A/C is out! ACK! It was 80 degrees in the house at 6:45 AM. The temp is supposed to reach 92 with a heat index of over 100. Fans are going and a mid-afternoon trip to the freezer aisle at Wal-mart may be in our future.

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  • I didn't realize that the gluten-free French rolls are being temporarily discontinued. Any reason why? I just bought a package in NYC last night. I use the TJ's English muffins for pizzas and sandwiches from time to time.

  • I have never seen any gf bread at my trader joes. Boo. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough

  • Maybe time to go to a movie if your AC is still out of commission! Good luck!


  • Erin – Other than that they were looking for a new baker, I have no idea why. I suspect that it may have to do with shelf stability. I have picked up several packages that have had mold on them. I freeze mine when I get home, so that is not a problem once I have them.

    Evan – Ask them next time you go in. They also have GF bagels & Food for Life bread. Not my fav, but at least they carry it. Worse comes to worse, I use waffles as bread! ;) They have pretty decent GF waffles.

    Shirley – A/C is fixed! WOOHOOO!! Bad capacitor. Don't be fooled, I have no clue what that means. All I know is it is better and I am not roasting. It got up to over 85 in here today!


  • Michelle

    So glad your AC got fixed quickly. Heat has been something else here this week. You mentioned getting Udi's bagels at a local store (not WF or Raisin Rack). Please tell me more. Thank you!

  • Michelle – Udi's at Meijer! The bagels & white bread are $4.99. Print a $1 off coupon from Udi's website and you have a great deal! I saw them at the Meijer on Maxtown, but they are rumored to be in Hilliard, too.

  • so glad your AC was fixed. How about some more good news for you! You won a bottle of Salba from my giveaway! Email me your contact info when you get a chance.

  • Stephanee

    I just found your site. I'm in Columbus, and I am new to the gluten free diet (but also dairy free and soy free). Bread has been the biggest challenge, but then I found Udi's. Heaven-sent, yet I find I'm making all these special trips to Whole Foods (I got a big laugh out of your Whole Paycheck Foods comment–so true!). You mentioned you could find it in local stores. What local stores in particular? Also, have you heard any news about when stores might be carrying the new Gluten Free Bisquick? I've been trying to bake things like waffles/pancakes, muffins, cookies, and drop biscuits with every gluten free baking mix imaginable (and at considerable expense), and thus far the result has been a lot of inedible food. I used to LOVE to bake, and now it just makes me miserable. Any advice or help (from anyone!) would be so greatly appreciated!!

  • Kim, I heard that Meijers was carying Udi's gf breads, but was disappointed to hear it's only white bread. I wasn't a fan of white bread before going gf, so I wish that Meijers would carry their multi-grain. I found multi-grain Ener-G bread at Giant Eagle (Sawmill), but didn't like that bread at all. Will stick with Udi's from Raisin Rack. Just glad the main stream grocery stores are at least beginning to carry gf breads.

  • Kim

    Alison – My Meijer has white & the bagels, too. Hopefully they add the multigrain, but who knows.

    Stephanee – Meijer has the white Udi's and their bagels for $4.99 (the one in Westerville does for sure, the others are rumored to carry it). I have not found the GF Bisquick locally yet, but GM says by the end of August. Have you tried Pamela's Baking Mix? It seems to work well for me. There are also a number of other flour mixes that work well – Better Batter and Jules are 2 of my favs. Raisin Rack on Schrock Rd. carries them.


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