Is it Sunday Already?

Hey, where did my weekend go? Last thing I knew it was Friday night. I took a much needed break from working out/running this weekend and just chilled. I literally stayed in my PJs all day yesterday and it felt fantastic! I spent the day catching up on blogs and finishing The Kitchen House. What an amazing book. I am so glad that a friend of mine recommended this book to me earlier this summer. While this book doesn’t fall into the typical genre of books that I read, I loved it. I think that I have really been limiting myself in the books that I am reading and I plan to change that immediately. This summer I have really enjoyed reading and can name 4 excellent books that I am happy to have read.

The Help

Emma & Me

The Island

The Kitchen House

Have you read any of the books listed? Find any really good “must read” books this summer that you care to share? Feel free to “friend” me on GoodReads if you like. Next up for me is Emily Giffin’s “Heart of the Matter” and Lisa Wingate’s “The Summer Kitchen“.


The kids start school this coming Wednesday, so we have a very crazy week on tap. The one aspect that I am looking forward to is a break from all extra-curricular activities this week! Phew! They all start up again next week. Monday & Tuesday are jam packed full of BTS doctors appointments and a special lunch out at Chipotle. The kids and I do this every year (okay, so last year was the first year) the day before school starts.

Sunday – Rotisserie chicken, roasted green beans, baked acorn squash & salad

Monday – Mexican pizzas (veg or turkey), refried beans, roasted corn & salad

Tuesday – Bourbon Chicken, brown rice, broccoli & salad

Wednesday – Turkey burgers, butternutt squash fries, roasted zucchini & salad.

Thursday – out with friends

Friday – Make-your-own-pizzas and salad

Saturday – Leftovers or breakfast for dinner

Baked Goods

Some kind of cookie for Jon’s lunch



Tomorrow morning I am announcing a super fun giveaway featuring one of my favorite selection of treats. Not only will I choose a winner, but a runner up as well! Make sure to check back for all of the details Monday morning.


The week in review:

I chatted about cornbread here.

Amy’s Kitchen launches gluten-free burritos!

I reviewed Organic Bistro meals. They were really good and healthy, too!

I reviewed a new yogurt that I am in love with! Must.Try.Other.Flavors!

Trader Joe’s boxed macaroni & cheese is a hit!

Raisin Rack is hosting another gluten-free sample day.

Van’s French toast sticksrock!

Heidi made gluten-free sopaipillas!! Oh, yes, she did!! They seem fairly easy, too! I remember eating these when I worked at Chi Chi’s back in the day. We won’t say how long ago that was. Now that I am nearing 40, I don’t like to specify any amount of time in “years ago”.

Amy makes an awesome looking stuffed Italian chicken with her mom. Look how cute they are together! 🙂

Shirley is rocking the lemon-lime coconut basil ice this week and it looks so refreshing!

Kim shared tips on how to heal a leaky gut, something that is common in those with Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance.

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