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Time is important to all of us. Some people respect that, others don’t. I have had some major issues recently with doctors offices & long waits. It infuriates me. I feel like I am at the mercy of these doctors because I don’t have a medical degree and can’t perform my own physical, allergy tests, pap smears, etc.

Today, the straw broke the camel’s back. I had an allergist appointment this morning. I arrived 10 minutes early and asked if Dr. F was running behind, as he typically does. Last time I was there I waited 30 minutes to get back to the exam room and 30 – 45 after that to see the Dr. Completely unacceptable. I was informed that I didn’t have an appointment today? WHAT? Yes, I did – their office called me to schedule the appointment. The receptionist went to get my chart and sure enough, I had an appointment. Well, duh?! I wouldn’t be wasting my time standing in your office if I wasn’t supposed to be there. I asked again if they were running behind and was told yes. I asked how long and she said she couldn’t tell me. Okay – can’t or won’t? I wanted to ask that, but I didn’t. I explained that I couldn’t sit there for as long as I did last time. She repeated that she couldn’t tell me. I asked to speak with the office manager and was told she would be out in a minute. When she came out she told me the same thing. I expressed my concerns and added that since I wasn’t even on the schedule, even though I had an appointment, that will most likely make my wait even longer. She continued to stick by her guns. I couldn’t even get out of her how many patients behind they were. I made a snap decision to leave the practice then & there. I fired my allergist. I asked for copies of my records and the kids and was on my way. The manager apologized and I told her that it was unfortunate that I had to leave, and I liked Dr. F, but this was not fair to me.

I have a tendency to cry when I get mad and I hate that about myself! I was able to compose myself today, even though I was furious. I am so tired of being taken advantage of. I fired my primary care doctor last month and started seeing my sports medicine doctor for primary care now as well. I loved my PCP, but again, my time is valuable too.

So, how am am cooling my mad self down? With one of these:


*Photos courtesy of Breyers.

Breyers newest gluten-free treats! They are amazing! I can’t decide which one I like more – the chocolate covered strawberry or the triple chocolate chip. Seriously, these bars are worthy of hiding from the kids. Simply put at the back of the freezer and don’t get caught eating them. Jon caught me on Sunday as I was eating the last one. He was all over me – where did I get it? Could he have one? Guess I better be prepared to share my next box. When it is not appropriate to have wine (breakfast time or for lunch), have one of these instead. It made me almost as happy. :)

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  • So happy you are voting with your dollars and being vocal about it. If it was me, I'd even post the doctors name so that others do not make the same mistake and be taken for granted by having to waste an hour waiting for a doc who is not grateful for their business.


    P.S. I will pick up some of the ice cream treats for just such an emergency!

  • Stiney

    Those Breyer's are gluten free? I've had them a couple times and been sick afterwards. They're so good though. Maybe it was something else getting me.

  • Kim

    Dee – They just lost 3 patients, all who have lots of allergy issues.

    Stiney – Yes, they are GF. I am super sensitive and have no issues. Unilever (the parent company) will clearly label any gluten.

  • Kim, you are my hero. Good for you for standing up for yourself and letting them know that being treated like that is unacceptable!

    Luckily, at this moment, the doctors we have are all fairly prompt and the office staff is, well, adequate. I have been treated that way in the past though and I wish I had had you there with me!

    I MUST get some of those treats. NOW.


  • good for you for advocating for yourself. And those look yummy!

  • Stiney

    I thought so. I've never had any other Unilever problems. Must have been something else. My partner will be so happy to know we can bring them back in the house. :D

  • I love reading you blog, Kim! Good for you for sticking to your guns! And thank you for sharing the info on the new Bryers treats. That's one of the few ice creams that I can have without getting sick because they are gf.

  • MJ

    Good for you! We've all had similar experiences I think, and it would be so much easier to tolerate with some courtesy/respect and consideration along with communication on the part of the office staff. Once I waited for 45 min in the waiting room, then 45 min in a gown (!) in a cold office with no one telling me "sorry, there's an emergency" or anything. When I sighed and checked my watch when the doc came in, she got huffy and asked me what the problem was – I told her and told her that I'd only been able to put 2 hours time on the parking meter. She didn't apologize, didn't explain, didn't even acknowledge that perhaps I had a reason to be irritated. I told this story to my friend who was a nurse/office manager – she immediately said "leave that practice, they can't manage their staff and there's no excuse for it". Apparently sometimes voting with your feet is the only way to go. Maybe a polite letter to the doc to tell them why you left would make them see more clearly how this type of issue affects their practice and their ability to care for patients.

  • While I realize it's not funny, I just got the mental image of all of us trying to do our own pap smears. Hilarious! :D

    While I understand that sometimes doctors get ambushed by patients who go in saying they only need a quick whatever and then turn around and talk about problems for 1/2 an hour, it doesn't make things less frustrating. Waiting 30 minutes, and then 30 minutes more just to see the doctor is unacceptable. If it takes that long, either schedule fewer appointments or add more doctors to the practice. Something has to change there. You were right in gathering your files and moving on.

    When I'm really really angry and frustrated I cry too. I get too overwhelmed with emotion and I start crying, I hate it!

  • Andrea

    Oooh, you go girl! I am so impressed. In the past we just stopped going to a dentist or doctor, but I love how you told them at the time and got your records and left. Good for you!

  • Hi!

    I have had similar experiences, but I wish I had thought to take a stand. Usually when I have a doctor's appointment, I simply clear my day and take a good book with me. Thankfully my doctor isn't too bad, but I have had some frustrations in the past, especially after having a back injury. The nurses actually had to move me to the back because I could not sit still and was crying from the pain. My doctor walked into his office and found me lying on the floor with my feet on the chair – that's how bad I was and it was one of the worst days to be in his office. It was about 3 hours, and that was with him rushing me in!

    I also have an idea of tears coming when I'm mad. I get so frustrated with myself and then even more teary-eyed. But it was good that you stood up for yourself anyway!

  • Andrea from Off her cork told me about your site and I love it. I have been wheat free for about a month. Thanks for all the great information.

    I too had to fire my doctor. A simple office visit would take about 3 hours – for a cold, really??!! My new doctor asked me why I left and I was honest. I have never had to wait more than 5 minutes to see my new doctor (we are going on 7 years now!) It is such a better fit. Your health is worth speaking up for. Maybe you made a difference at the other place and they will rethink how they schedule.

    • Monica,

      It is nice to "meet" you! Thanks for stopping by.

      Sorry you had to fire a doctor, too. Your new doc sounds great!

      Please let me know if you have any questions – I am happy to help!


  • sharon

    You go girl! I recently walked into a well-hidden dr's office 5 minutes late for my appt….was informed i "should have known to come 30 minutes early b/c it was my first time there"…huh?…then I was informed rudely that b/c i was 40 minutes late (they included the time i "should have known" to come at), i would have to wait 2 hours to be squeezed in…I stood there and said, "never mind, i'll find somewhere else to go"…cancel all future appts…i have a blood clot in my arm and needed to got to their office every week or so, so they were going to make good $$ off me! The office staff all stood there with their mouth hanging open! called my dr's office back, told them what happened and they had new orders faxed to another place and i was on my way there and out their door in less than an hour…

    PS…i have been known to demand my co-pay back and cancelling appts after waiting an hour past my appt time…works every time.

    • Sharon,

      I love the idea of demanding the co-back after waiting too long. If enough patients do this kind of stuff, maybe, just maybe, they will get the hint that something needs to change.


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