Happy New Year–1/1/11 & the Winners

Did you stay up to see the new year in?  I didn’t.  I gave it a good faith effort, but was sound asleep before 11:30.  Hannah and I did get in a few rounds of dancing on Just Dance 2.  What a fun game!  I am not really making any resolutions this year, but do have a couple of goals that I am working towards.  

1.  Take better care of my skin.  I have a bad habit of going to bed with my make up on and don’t use the best products for my skin type.  I have a friend that works for Clinique who has spent some time showing me what I should be doing.  The best part about Clinique is that my friend has taken the time to compile a list of their products that are gluten-free.  Additionally, if there is a product that isn’t on the list, she can easily call and get the information for me.  I have been using my new regimen for a little over a week now and my skin feels so much better! 

2.  Run The Flying Pig Marathon uninjured.  I have signed up for a local training program to help me reach my goal.  I am working towards following this plan and not getting any crazy ideas about doing more or running shorter runs faster just because I feel that I can at that point in time (a habit that clearly got my in trouble last year). 

***Image courtesy of The Flying Pig Marathon

Do you make resolutions?  If so, what are they for this year?


Thanks to all who entered my thinkThin giveaway!!  Now the news you have all been waiting for….the winners!!


Jenna Drew

December 27th, 2010 at 11:43 am

Hi Kim! It’s like you read my mind! I had just found the thinkThin bars yesterday on Twitter after searching for a gluten free protein bar for my fiance! We’re getting married in June 2011. Neither one of us will be ‘thinkingThin’ weight-wise this year, but we’ll be thinking Thin financially until the wedding! I’m following both you and thinkThin (@GFJenna), and I just liked both pages! I’d love to share these bars with my hunny! :)



December 27th, 2010 at 4:53 pm

I am going to track my calories for a while to see why I am gaining weight after healing and beginning to absorb again.


Jennifer M

December 28th, 2010 at 9:47 am

ThinkThin twitter follower as jennem1.


Congrats Jenna, Cindy & Jennifer!!  Please email me your contact information ASAP – kim@glutenfreeislife.com


Now I am off to get my 7 mile run in (55 degrees and rainy on January 1st in Ohio is odd) and make my black eyed peas.  Have a wonderful day!

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