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    Weekly Menu Plan–January 2, 2011

    Normal.  That is what we are looking for here.  Yes, the holidays were great, but I am ready for some good, old-fashioned routines around here.  I don’t deal well with change.  My body is all screwed up sleep-wise and my typical routine should help correct that. 

    I found out last week from my doctor’s office that I am still anemic despite my eating as much iron-rich food as I could over the past 2 months.   My hemoglobin went from 11 to 11.3.  I have now purchased some iron supplements – Ferro-Sequels (they are even labeled “gluten-free”) and began taking them a few days ago.  With marathon training just starting, I can’t depend just on food to get my levels back up.  Oh, and I just found a coupon on their website for $2.00 off my next purchase! 

    I am not ashamed to admit that my menu plan was kicked to the curb last week.  We had Mellow Mushroom at least once and may have had Pei Wei in there, too.  Another reason I can’t wait to get back in the swing of things. 

    I finally took all of my decorations down today.  The only things left are the outside lights.  I should have taken them down when it was 55 degrees on Friday, but I didn’t even think about it.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they were up until Spring.  I guess as long as they aren’t on, right?  They are in my lilac tree and bushes, so they aren’t really visible to the neighbors.  Winking smile


    Sunday – Salmon & shrimp, baked potatoes/brown rice, steamed broccoli & carrots & salad

    Monday – Grilled Italian chicken breast, baked sweet potatoes, zucchini and salad

    Tuesday – Tacos, refried beans, corn & salad

    Wednesday – Spaghetti & meatballs, green beans & salad

    Thursday- BBQ pulled pork, cheesy potatoes, broccoli & salad

    Friday – Mellow Mushroom GF pizza

    Saturday – Breakfast for dinner (waffles or omelettes)

    Baked Goods

    Rice Krispy Treats for Jon


    I still need to hear from Jenna and Jennifer, 2 of the 3 winners of the thinkThin giveaway.  Please email me at with your information. 


    Stop back by tomorrow for a brand new giveaway that will have 5 winners!


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