Warm Up with this Cake

I have been experimenting with my Gluten Free Oats and Jules Gluten Free Flour over the past couple of weeks.  First I made Oatmeal Raisin Cookies that disappeared so fast that I was thankful I had saved a small amount of the dough and hid it in the freezer!  Surely my family wouldn’t find it buried under the edamame, right?  As I was browsing my email one morning, I came across a recipe that Jules shared for Oatmeal Cake.  Being that it is National Oatmeal Month, I thought it was only fitting that I made it. 

The recipe for the cake can be found here.  I made a minor change or two that I will share below:

1.  I used Mott’s Apple Juice instead of apple cider.  I could have purchased the apple cider, but no one would drink it, so I went with the juice. 

2.  I used Sun Maid Raisins in place of baking raisins.  I could have boiled the raisins to plump them up, but I was in a hurry, so I didn’t. 

3.  I used Silk Pure Almond Unsweetened for the milk


Another modification that I chose to add was a drizzling of non-fat vanilla yogurt (Stonyfield) when I served the cake.


This cake was very moist and flavorful.  I loved the combination of the pumpkin pie spice & cinnamon.  The cake held together well and the vanilla yogurt was a nice compliment to the flavors.  This would be nice to serve at a brunch as a coffee cake along side a large bowl of fruit salad or fruit skewers.  It was the prefect ending to a freezing cold winter day.  The next time I make this, I will be using Jules homemade apple butter in place of the applesauce, as she suggests.  Yum! 

You can see the Oatmeal Cookies here…I think I will be pulling them out of the freezer today and baking when no one else is looking.  That may be hard seeing as we have a snow day and everyone is home. 

Are you snowed in?  I am more than ready for spring!

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