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The weather here sucks.  There is no way to sugar coat it.  Maybe this ice is payback for my complaining about the cold & snow?  Today the kids are off for ice.  Tonight we have snow coming.  Let’s hope that it isn’t too much snow and they can go back to school tomorrow.  Since we can’t do a whole lot here, I put together a post full of thoughts that are running around in my head.

Have you seen the commercial for Gluten-Free Chex Cereals?  Click here to view.  I love that gluten-free food is getting more exposure because this equals more awareness for Celiac Disease.


A few weeks back I received a coupon to get a free sample of Florida’s Natural Orange Juice from and Florida’s Natural.  I picked up some while shopping on Sunday and I am glad that I did.  Just in time for the storm!  I am usually an OJ snob and stick with my Tropicana, however, I was really impressed with the Florida’s Natural.  They have many varieties, including my favorite – no pulp with added vitamin D & calcium! 

I have 8 coupons for $1.00 off Florida’s Natural OJ for the first 8 people to comment on this post! 


Another bonus when you buy OJ and have a crippling ice storm…


You have something to mix your Stoli’s with.  Open-mouthed smile  The Stoli’s is reserved for evening hours only. 


Snow day lunch will include some pasta to help keep us warm.  I prefer to use marinara & roasted veggies for mine, but Jon prefers “Noodles Baldini”.  I don’t believe that I have talked about the NB here on the blog before, so I will give you a brief overview.  Like most dishes Aaron makes, there is not a written recipe.  It is more of a combination of ingredients in amounts he feels tastes good on that specific day.  Today we will be using Goldbaum’s gluten-free pasta. 


Into the mix….

  • butter
  • garlic powder
  • oregano
  • basil
  • parmesan cheese
  • cooked gluten-free pasta

That, my friends is “Noodles Baldini”.  Aaron has made this for the kids for years and it was only recently that Jon learned that he had created this dish.  He thought is was something like “Chicken Parmesan” that he could go order in a restaurant!  LOL!  So cute.  I do believe Gluten-Free Drumsticks are in order for dessert. 

Are you crippled by the recent weather?  What are you doing to stay entertained?  Remember to leave me a comment for your OJ coupon!  Tell me what you will do with your Florida’s Natural OJ!   Too bad they aren’t coupons for the vodka, huh?  Winking smile

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  • Susan

    We have horrible weather here right now as well. I do enjoy being at home, but would rather be outside planting flowers and veggies.

    Love fresh squeezed OJ too!


  • Kate

    I think my family will love noodles baldini. Its a nice change up. As for the OJ, screwdrivers definitely along with making a marinade for pork or salmon.

    Thanks for all you do to foster GF living. I have been GF, dairy, soy, GM, and preservative free since last July. What a difference it has made in my quality of life. I am LIVING again :)

  • Christy McGowan

    Hey Kim,

    My family goes through tons of OJ. We love Florida's Natural too!

    I love using OJ to marinade Salmon too! The kids can't get enough of it in the morning or anytime actually!

    Great site!!! I've pointed many friends that are now GF your way!!

  • Michelle

    Here in NY, waiting for all the snow to start tonight they say is coming. I'd rather shovel that than endure a tornado, hurricane, earthquake.

  • Shelly hampton

    I was so excited to see the commercial. I stopped it, watched it again and recorded it to show my husband.

  • Not liking the ice, either! I'm taking advantage of being holed up at home by making some gf toll house cookies. I'm using Jules AP GF flour which is an amazing flour mix!

    I don't think I ever tried Florida's Natural OJ, but look forward to it! I'm not a fan of vodka, but some OJ in sparkling wine will be nice for a Sunday morning brunch!

  • Michelle

    Holed up at home with the ice too. Didn't "walk" the dog this morning — "slid" with her instead! Hoping the weather is better tomorrow too!

  • ed desmond

    Love reading your blogs

  • Hi!

    I'm a new celiac (just about 1 month). I am just starting to follow your blog. I love the posts. I think I may be past the #8 post but I thought I'd leave a comment anyways. We are getting a blizzard (Milwaukee, WI) and supposed to get up to 18 inches of snow tonight! With the orange juice I would probably pour it over some gf vanilla icecream and make some sort of orange smoothie as I have been home with the flu and it sounds awesome!!!

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  • Late to the party but OJ makes great smoothie! OJ + SO Delicious + Spinach + Frozen Banana + Frozen Mango + Frozen Pineapple = awesome!

    Also OJ + Coconut Milk (So Delicious or canned) + Pineapple Juice + Coconut Rum = Scott's Fave mixed drink :D

  • Km

    Welcome Raina! I love the sound of OJ over vanilla ice cream!

    @Andrea – Scott's mixed drink sounds great!

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