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Healthy Lunches

Working from home allows me access to my kitchen all day long.  This can be good and this can be bad.  It is good because I have a variety of options at my fingertips.  It is bad because I have a variety of options at my fingertips.  LOL!  Boredom can lead to mindless snacking, so I have become disciplined in eating only when my body is truly hungry, not bored or thirsty. 

Lunches can sometimes be a challenge if we don’t have food leftover from the dinner the night before.  If I start grazing on fruit when I am making the kids lunches, it is too easy for me to skip lunch all together, so even though fruit is healthy, I try to limit my grazing unless I am sitting down with a bowl of fruit or a snack. 

One of my current favorites for lunch is a salad, sandwich & simple side of sweet potato fries.  Alexia makes sweet potato fries that are super simple to prepare.  Just preheat the oven and toss the fries in on a baking sheet, turn half way through the baking time and then you have fresh fries!


See how good that lunch looks?  I prepared a turkey sandwich with havarti, spinach & mustard and served along side fresh cantaloupe and Alexia sweet potato fries.  I used Udi’s gluten-free bread to make the sandwich and gently toasted it in the toaster oven before assembling my sandwich.

Alexia makes many products, but they are not all gluten-free.  Their gluten-free products include all of the potato items with the exception of the “Alexia Potato Bites”.  For more FAQ, click here

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In addition to my sandwich, fries & fruit, I always have a side salad.  I make a large spinach salad with grape tomatoes topped with a drizzle of French dressing.  I can’t seem to get enough fresh spinach lately.  What do you have for lunch?  Do you make lunch to take with you to work?  Do you eat lunch out?  At home?

***As part of theFoodbuzz Tastemaker Program, I received the Alexia Sweet Potato Fries free of charge.  The opinions stated in this blog are mine and have not been influenced by anyone or anything.

2 comments to Healthy Lunches

  • MJ

    I bring lunch to work – a container of organic baby spinach will get me through 2-3 days of salad for lunch, with GF dressing and a serving of baby carrots. For protein, it's either a packet of tuna or salmon (no can, no draining) or leftovers from dinner. A few bite size prunes mid-morning, maybe a banana at lunch. Afternoon snack will be an apple and maybe some raw almond or roasted chickpeas – all brought from home. And my desk drawer has a stash of safe and healthy snacks. It's cheaper and healthier (and better calorically and for keeping GF) for me to bring my own lunch – I rarely go out, and there's not much close to my office anyway. Plus, the more routine and boring it is, the less I'm likely to overindulge. Now if I'm working at home, that's tough! I usually make lots of herbal tea those days to try to keep the snacking down. That and water (I do that at work) and sugarless gum and candy.

  • Kim

    MJ – Sounds like you have a great plan down!! Routine makes me happy! :)


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