Spring Cleaning & Mrs. Alaska

Today was an unexpected day off for me.  On days like this I almost want to keep it a secret that I am off so that I can pick & choose what I do.  If I want to lay in bed and eat gluten-free bon bons all day, then so be it.  I chose to be a little more productive today and got a lot of cleaning & laundry done.  We are having company this weekend, so getting a jump start on the cleaning was the best option, though maybe not the most fun.  I found that once I got started, my list grew.  Don’t you hate how that happens?  It is like I have ADHD: Cleaning Variety.  I get started on one chore, then see something else that needs done or that I want to do and so on. 

Despite my scattered focus, I got a lot done.  Now I have less to try to cram in on Saturday after my long run and before I get my hair did (and boy, does that gray need help!).

While I was eating my breakfast this morning, I was surfing the web in between playing Words With Friends, and found an article about Mrs. Alaska having Celiac Disease!  Not only does Brandy Wendler have Celiac Disease, but she chose “Against the Grain: Raising Awareness forCeliac Disease” as her platform.  She is being sponsored by 2 familiar organizations associated with Celiac Disease & the gluten-free diet: Celiac Disease Foundation & Udi’s Gluten-Free Foods.  You can read more about Mrs. Alaska below and follow her blog here

Brandy M.H. Wendler is a board-certified Nurse Practitioner who works at a local Anchorage hospital. She is married to the love of her life, 1st Lt. JohnRoss Wendler, a pilot in the United States Air Force.  Together, they live in Eagle River with their two beautiful dogs. She enjoys rock climbing, photography and cooking and baking gluten-free meals. Brandy was diagnosed with Celiac Disease over three years ago, and she is proud to represent her platform "Against the Grain: Raising Awareness for Celiac Disease."

If you live in the area, make sure to check out Mrs. Alaska’s calendar to see if there is a time where you may be able to go out to meet her!

Now that I am winding down from all of my hard work today, I believe I am going to crack open a bottle of wine that I picked up last week at Trader Joe’s – Vola Sangiovese from Italy. 

Oh, before I go, make sure to check out this awesome contest that Udi’s is running – you could be the winner of a $500 Udi’s gift card.  Or, you can forget I mentioned it and hope that I win!  LOL! 

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