Peeps–Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

Peeps have been around for years.  I remember them in my Easter basket as a child, though I was never really a fan.  I was all about jelly beans (no black ones, please) and all things sugary.  I was not really interested in chocolate at that point in my life.   Sure I would eat it if it was put in front of me, but I was a fan of all things gummy.  I also remember these marshmallowy eggs with a hard candy coating – have no idea what they were called or if they are still made, but they were awesome! 

Peeps are gluten-free, so I thought that maybe I would try them again and actually like them as an adult.  I was wrong.  I still don’t particularly care for them.  They have new varieties, too, chocolate covered, chocolate dipped, multiple shapes & colors and they are offered pretty much year round and not just during the Easter season.  The chocolate covered Peeps aren’t bad, but not something I would go out of my way to find.  True Peeps fans & followers may disagree. 

Have you seen this website that shows 10 Things to do with Peeps?  I especially thought that the “Peepshi” was creative.  In case you were wondering, “Peepshi” is Peeps Sushi.

So, Peeps – Thumbs up or thumbs down in your book?

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