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I am pleased to announce that I will be continuing on as a contributing blogger for Gluten Freely (formerly Live Gluten Freely)/General Mills.  I am just thrilled to be asked to continue to share gluten-free thoughts & ideas with the gluten-free community.  If you haven’t checked out the new Gluten Freely lately, please make sure to head on over there. 

The new Gluten Freely website has seven tabs across the top that are full of pull down menus to help you navigate the site easier.  The tabs are:

  • Home
  • Our Store – Various cooking & baking ingredients, cookbooks and more are offered here
  • Living Freely – Basically all about living gluten-free – symptoms of Celiac Disease, diagnosis, parenting kids with Celiac Disease and more
  • Recipes
  • Tools – Gluten-free product list, product locator, coupons and more
  • Medical Insight – Fact sheets
  • Community – Blog posts, Gluten Freely Blog and Ask Danna

I have found many recipes to use on this site in a hurry.  Their pocket product list is handy to keep in your purse, too, especially if you are new to the gluten-free diet.  Consider passing it along to friends and family that may be feeding your Celiac kids, if you have them.  I know that grandma always like to have snacks & goodies for the kiddos when they visit. 

To check out my latest contributions and those from Vanessa & Maureen, please check the community page.  Additionally, all previously shared contributions can be found to the right of each blogger’s page. 

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